23/10/21 – Saturday cycle!

I had a lovely 16 mile cycle this morning. It felt very Autumnal and beautiful with all the orange leaves. Then later on Liv came over for a catch up sleepover! It was a wonderful chance to fill her in on everything that’s been happening with me recently and get up to date on herContinue reading “23/10/21 – Saturday cycle!”

17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels

I went on a lovely 14 mile Autumnal bike ride today! The weather was gorgeous. I then went on a lovely walk with Nic in the afternoon before making apple compote with apples our nextdoor neighbour dropped round! It’s been a very wholesome and seasonally apt day for me and I’ve loved every second ofContinue reading “17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels”

19/09/21 – Cold food diet…

With the electric out on our entire bottom floor for what looks like the next two months, it’s time to get creative with salads (and takeaways, let’s be real here). So far I’m not complaining as I loved our dinner tonight (and the cheeky Sunday lunch we went to the pub for)! And on topContinue reading “19/09/21 – Cold food diet…”

08/09/21 – Happy swim face!

That’s now twice this week I’ve gone for a swim in the morning! I’m absolutely loving it. I run the 1.5k down, then do about 1.5km swim and then run back! It’s one of the very few things I can do mindfulnessly, as I only concentrate on the lengths I’m doing and nothing else. It’sContinue reading “08/09/21 – Happy swim face!”

17/08/21 – Day two away

Another full on day, but today with added Go Karting! Had a lush time and even came seventh overall out of all 26th of us so I’m very pleased with that! And yes, I did manage to get up for my run and swim, smug much? We’ll see how that pans out tomorrow for roundContinue reading “17/08/21 – Day two away”

08/07/21 – SUPing along the sea

Today was jam packed with fun in the sea. I started the day off with a morning swim in the sea to wake me up. Then we all went to the beach to do some supping, swimming in the sea, and lunching. On the way home we picked up chips for tea. After dinner weContinue reading “08/07/21 – SUPing along the sea”

02/07/21 – Tandem selfie!

Today started off with a lovely sea swim with blue skies to wake us all up! Then we went for an 11 mile cycle on a tandem bike! Our second time riding one and it was definitely a success, we even managed to get some speed up on the way back over taking lots ofContinue reading “02/07/21 – Tandem selfie!”

16/06/21 – Sunshine skating

Started my day off with a gorgeous 4.5 mile skate around Dulwich park today! The weather was absolutely perfect and I’m even getting faster, though stopping is still slightly problematic. Tonight we then had Corinne and Jack over for dinner in the garden! We had pasta and managed to stay in the garden for aContinue reading “16/06/21 – Sunshine skating”