05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking

Today Corinne and I walked section 2 and 3 of the capital ring, kicking off from where we left off last time. We walked 12.5miles today, with Nic joining us for the last 4. It was a really lovely day but my hip is now quite sore… Maybe 25 miles in one weekend wasn’t myContinue reading “05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking”

19/02/23 – Big sledging day!

Today was such a fun day. We sledged a 5.5km run! We went over 40km/h for one part of it! It was probably the highlight of the holiday for me and what glorious weather for it too. Happy happy Steph. We then just chilled out for the rest of the evening as it’s our lastContinue reading “19/02/23 – Big sledging day!”

17/02/23 – Hike up, sledge down!

Today was seriously a load of fun. Nic and I set off to hike up the Käserstatt. We walked over green grass, piste snow, and finally knee high snow! It was a tough slog up but we made it and having a beer at the top was just a wonderful feeling. We then were joinedContinue reading “17/02/23 – Hike up, sledge down!”

12/02/23 – First ’23 half marathon

I ran my first half marathon of the year today. This was me seven miles in as I reached the river. It was a great run, ideal weather for it and not too busy along the way. I ran 23 miles this week! So I’m going to take the next week off to recover andContinue reading “12/02/23 – First ’23 half marathon”

06/02/23 – Spring is in sight!

Well, lighter evenings are. I left work to cycle home today in the light! Joy of joys! It was absolutely freezing when I cycled in this morning, so leaving work when it wasn’t pitch black made me feel very excited about the prospect of spring being just around the corner. Another weekly cycle down! I’mContinue reading “06/02/23 – Spring is in sight!”

05/02/23 – Workout and sort out

Nic and I both headed our separate ways for a work out this morning. Him to the gym, me to try and do a speedy 5k! I managed it in 29 mins so I’m very chuffed. I then (literally) ran to Sainsbury’s to grab some jacket potatoes for dinner, and then home again! It wasContinue reading “05/02/23 – Workout and sort out”

19/01/23 – Running to work!

I ran 9 miles to work today, the first one of this year! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a PB, so even better. It was a wonderful sunrise and went on to be an equally great day as I went for dinner with a friend after work as well. I got asked thisContinue reading “19/01/23 – Running to work!”

17/01/23 – Fully packed and prepared!

The plan is to cycle to work tomorrow, leave some extra stuff there, and then do my first run to work of the year on Thursday! I feel prepared… And just a a little anxious about the minus temperatures going on right now! But I’m sure it’ll be super and I won’t forget anything, fingersContinue reading “17/01/23 – Fully packed and prepared!”