19/01/23 – Running to work!

I ran 9 miles to work today, the first one of this year! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a PB, so even better. It was a wonderful sunrise and went on to be an equally great day as I went for dinner with a friend after work as well. I got asked thisContinue reading “19/01/23 – Running to work!”

17/01/23 – Fully packed and prepared!

The plan is to cycle to work tomorrow, leave some extra stuff there, and then do my first run to work of the year on Thursday! I feel prepared… And just a a little anxious about the minus temperatures going on right now! But I’m sure it’ll be super and I won’t forget anything, fingersContinue reading “17/01/23 – Fully packed and prepared!”

15/01/23 – A lovely local walk

We walked 7 miles today with Georgie and Andy. It was lovely to have a shakeup of company, and what excellent company at that! We walked around our local area, getting some food from the market and then onto Dulwich Village for a (soft) drink at the pub before walking back. I finished the dayContinue reading “15/01/23 – A lovely local walk”

08/01/23 – Six muddy miles

This is a really accurate photo to sum up today. Nic and I went on a really really lovely but muddy six mile walk around Woldingham Circular. It was a lush day out just nattering away the whole time, and we were exceptionally lucky with the weather. It rained a bit but not too bad,Continue reading “08/01/23 – Six muddy miles”

07/01/23 – 10 miles down!

Today Corinne and I did section one and two of the Capital Ring walk! We’ve decided to complete the entire 78mile loop over this year. It was a really great day, and we were exceptionally lucky with the weather as it chucked it down as soon as we finished walking. Onto the next sections inContinue reading “07/01/23 – 10 miles down!”

05/01/23 – Just keep swimming

I’m still really enjoying my swimming. This morning I swam with these paddles to help increase my strength. My shoulders were on fire by the end of the 500m. I then did another 500m without them and it felt a lot easier but my hands seemed tiny compared to them! I’m really enjoying keeping activeContinue reading “05/01/23 – Just keep swimming”

03/01/23 – Back to work run

Well, today was a bit of a slog. I think I’ve been having too nice of a time these last couple of weeks off work, which made today exceptionally hard. I really enjoy my job, but boy did I want to be anywhere else but at work today… I did manage to fit in aContinue reading “03/01/23 – Back to work run”

02/01/23 – Wimbledon Walk

We went on a lovely walk with our friend Andy today. It felt so wonderful getting outside with the blue skies and shining sun. A brisk but beautiful day for a 7km walk with excellent company. This year I’m hoping to do a lot more outdoor activities whilst catching up with friends. Nothing beats aContinue reading “02/01/23 – Wimbledon Walk”

26/12/22 – Boxing day swim!

I actually went into the sea in just my cossie, in December! Today I met back up with Nic and his family to finish off my lovely Welsh Christmas break. I went for a dip in the sea along with his mum and then we had a really lovely dinner all together, followed by someContinue reading “26/12/22 – Boxing day swim!”