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21/03/19 – Sweaty betty — Mar 21, 2019

21/03/19 – Sweaty betty

Another run to work in the bag and it felt great! I’m really enjoying my running at the moment and so pleased I also seem to be improving. Cycling appears to be taking a back seat this year, but I’m not bothered whilst I’m enjoying my audio books and running.

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24/02/19 – Sunshine and chips — Feb 24, 2019

24/02/19 – Sunshine and chips

Today was another day of walking. 8 miles in total, all in the name of an excellent chippy! We walked to Herne Hill to visit the delicious Ollys. Nic also joined us today! We went for a lovely walk around the park afterwards in the sunshine, eyeing up all the scampering about dogs.

22/02/19 – Foggy run to work — Feb 22, 2019
03/02/19 – Blue sky running — Feb 3, 2019

03/02/19 – Blue sky running

Gorgeous day for a run! The sun was shining and there was finally ni frost or snow. I popped on my gloves and ran 11km in the sunshine whilst listening to my current audio book. Apart from that it’s been a pretty chill weekend, just how I like them.