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12/12/18 – 20 miles to go! — Dec 12, 2018

12/12/18 – 20 miles to go!

I’m so close to reaching my cycling goal for this year of 2,000 miles.

Today I got up at 6am to go for a long bike ride through Greenwich and Victoria Park, along the canal in Hackey and finally to the office for 8:30am. I managed 20 miles in the morning and another 15 after work, just 20 miles to go!

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02/11/18 – Chilly cycle — Nov 2, 2018

02/11/18 – Chilly cycle

I’m definitely not a fair weather cyclist. Setting off today in 3 degrees! But to be honest, it’s my favorite weather. You get to the office not super sweaty, you can have a lovely shower to warm up, and it’s fun being in lots of cosy layers.

30/10/18 – Back cycling! — Oct 30, 2018

30/10/18 – Back cycling!

I’m so happy to be back cycling again, can you tell? I’m finally over my tonsillitis and have given myself sufficient time to fully recover.

My fitness has taken a hit but that only makes me more determined. I’m still on track for the most miles I’ve never cycled in a year!

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