12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun

I’ve had a lovely day today! Mum and I went on a really nice 9km run in the sunshine. Then I headed off for my first massage of the year!! It was amazing and I feel so good for it already. Then we got Reggie the car washed and chilled out for the evening. OneContinue reading “12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun”

06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!

The weather was all over the place today! Up at 7am to do a 7 mile run and I was greeted with blue skies and crisp morning air. Then come 3pm, I look out of the study window to see snow! It’s incredible to think last Saturday I was in the garden, reading my bookContinue reading “06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!”

02/04/21 – Out on my bike!

After a few hours of moping around the house feeling a bit glum and sorry for myself, I decided my time would be better spent out on my bike getting some fresh air. So after nearly three months out of the saddle, I pumped up my tires, popped on my helmet and gave my bumContinue reading “02/04/21 – Out on my bike!”

25/03/21 – Happy 30th birthday to me!

I turned 30 today! I booked the day off work so I could run a half marathon to Big Ben and back. It was an uphill slog on the way home by I made it eventually! Once I got back Nic and I had lunch then Mariana dropped some presents over from her and theContinue reading “25/03/21 – Happy 30th birthday to me!”

21/03/21 – Go bold or go home

A tourist on their hols, or a Steph embarking on a sunny run?! Got the arms out today for a morning 5 mile run. The sun was shining and it was waaaarm. After that it was brie and cranberry sandwiches with Nic (civilised) and then a long catch-up walk with Moira. What a nice Sunday.

13/03/21 – ALL the elements

I’ve had a very wholesome day today. I cross stitched for an hour this morning before setting out on a ten mile run. I thought the weather was ideal, if a bit windy. But I ended up getting ALL the elements! It was super sunny, then rained, hailed and sleeted and finally finished up withContinue reading “13/03/21 – ALL the elements”

05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run

I had an incredible run this morning. Seven miles of crisp, bright, blue sky running. I listening to my audio book for the first half then switched to happy music as I trotted home for the second half. Once I got back I meditated in the garden, sat in the sunshine feeling the chilled airContinue reading “05/03/21 – Happy mind, happy run”