25/06/22 – Long ride day!

I went out on a lovely long bike ride today. I cycled 38 miles, my longest ride this year. I really enjoyed myself too! I went to Hampton Court Palace, then along the river to Battersea Park and finally home. I’m definitely going to go on some more long rides this summer. My goal isContinue reading “25/06/22 – Long ride day!”

22/06/22 – Ten mile evening walk!

After work, our plan was to walk 4.5 miles to Addington Hills to have a little picnic for dinner and then get the bus back. All went to plan until we just ended up walking, and walking, and walking! In the end we were having such a nice time we decided to just keep goingContinue reading “22/06/22 – Ten mile evening walk!”

18/06/22 – Morning at the pool

Mum and I went to Tooting Lido this morning. I did a good 1km swim workout, and then we played around for a bit but mostly chatted by the poolside in the sunshine (and some rain!). It was a really lovely way to spend a Saturday. After swimming we met up with Nic for lunchContinue reading “18/06/22 – Morning at the pool”

17/06/22 – Second run to work!

I managed to do it again! I ran the 9 miles to work and didn’t end up as a mere puddle at the end (close though!). I took this lovely photo at 8 miles in, crossing over London Bridge. After work I went for a couple of cheeky halfs with mum in the pub, andContinue reading “17/06/22 – Second run to work!”

14/06/22 – Sunny Cycle

I’m absolutely loving how much I’m managing to be active recently. Today I cycled into the office and loved every second of it! Surprisingly my average speed was faster on the way home despite it being hillier. I just went for it and really enjoyed myself. I took this photo on the way in asContinue reading “14/06/22 – Sunny Cycle”

11/06/22 – Ten mile walk!

Today we walked a total of 13 miles! Ten of which were to Buckingham Palace from home! Nic and I set off this morning to walk to town, something we’ve had on the bucket list since we lived in the old house. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it. Sunshine with a slight breeze,Continue reading “11/06/22 – Ten mile walk!”

10/06/22 – Back swimming!

I did it! I got up at 6.10am and ran to the pool, swam 1km and then ran another 2 miles. It made me feel so much better today. I’m also aching from my workout which is a feeling I really enjoy as I know I did a good job. I’ve just been feeling aContinue reading “10/06/22 – Back swimming!”

09/06/22 – Cheer up buttercup

Still feeling a bit blah today so I’ve decided to take some action to get out of it. After work I got back to my weight lifting! It was super tough but I felt good for getting it done. Then after dinner Nic and I went for a 45 min walk around the neighborhood, andContinue reading “09/06/22 – Cheer up buttercup”

06/06/22 – Cycling The Greenway

Despite being quite hungover from last night’s antics the plan today was to cycle The Greenway and we decided to stick to that plan! Thankfully it helped get over our hangovers rather than hindering and were soon having a fantastic time. The views were incredible and the weather ideal. It was probably my favourite dayContinue reading “06/06/22 – Cycling The Greenway”

04/06/22 – We climbed it!

And it was a proper slog. By far the hardest hike I’ve ever done, and a proper hike at that! 750m of elevation in only about 2.5 miles. The photo is from about two thirds up before the final climb. We were shattered by the end, scrabbling up to the top trying not to slip.Continue reading “04/06/22 – We climbed it!”