23/01/22 – Blending with my surroundings

I ran 8 miles today! I’m seriously on track for my goal of running to work next month. How to carry a winter outfit and shoes in though is another problem I’m trying to solve… But as for today’s run it went great! Feeling so much better getting into exercise again and hopefully it’ll stickContinue reading “23/01/22 – Blending with my surroundings”

16/01/22 – Sunday sunshine views

Back at it again, this Sunday with my first 10k in a couple months! It certainly felt harder than it has done but I always think whilst you lose fitness fast you also gain it back fast. My goal is to not really get the train into work much if I can help it, tryContinue reading “16/01/22 – Sunday sunshine views”

10/12/21 – Last day!

To make to make the most of our last day I pretty much spent the whole day in the pool playing around! We then had a lovely lunch together before sadly heading to the airport and saying goodbye to Barbara and Tony whom we came to visit. It’s been such a wonderful trip and I’mContinue reading “10/12/21 – Last day!”

08/13/21 – Diving into a pool day

Easy day today, we got our covid tests done for flying home (both negative, woo hoo!) Then for the rest of the day it was by the pool, with mum sunbathing and me mostly diving and swimming about. It’s been a good day, followed by a lovely dinner now that Tony is here too.

09/11/21 – A day for me

Today was a day for me! Nic was working and it’s my last day in Devon, so I decided to take myself off for a swim. I then had a bath, did my nails, and played on my Switch for a couple hours and basically just chilled my beans for the day whilst keeping NicContinue reading “09/11/21 – A day for me”

23/10/21 – Saturday cycle!

I had a lovely 16 mile cycle this morning. It felt very Autumnal and beautiful with all the orange leaves. Then later on Liv came over for a catch up sleepover! It was a wonderful chance to fill her in on everything that’s been happening with me recently and get up to date on herContinue reading “23/10/21 – Saturday cycle!”

17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels

I went on a lovely 14 mile Autumnal bike ride today! The weather was gorgeous. I then went on a lovely walk with Nic in the afternoon before making apple compote with apples our nextdoor neighbour dropped round! It’s been a very wholesome and seasonally apt day for me and I’ve loved every second ofContinue reading “17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels”