06/10/22 – 6am run time!

I haven’t ran before a day in the office in about 4 years I think… Normally when I run before work I’m working from home but not today! I wanted to fit this run in so decided to go with it and I was greeted with this lovely blue gradient sky just before the sunContinue reading “06/10/22 – 6am run time!”

01/10/22 – October sunrise swim

This is something I’ve always wanted to do – a sunrise swim in the North Sea. And it did not disappoint, nor was it warm however! It was about 12 degrees but we did it and felt so good about ourselves. You can see the two tiny blobs in the water, that’s us! It wasContinue reading “01/10/22 – October sunrise swim”

27/09/22 – Still in shorts!

It was cold and rainy but I still headed out in my shorts and t-shirt for a run! I’m on week three now of C25K but doing it with jogging and running, and I’m still loving it. It makes me completely shut off whilst running as I don’t need to think about anything, and I’mContinue reading “27/09/22 – Still in shorts!”

19/09/22 – New walking PB

It’s the queen’s funeral today so we both got the day off work. We’re not that bothered by the Royal Family so decided to spend the day out in the countryside instead. We got the train to Orpington and then set off on a ten mile looped walk. We ended up walking 13 miles afterContinue reading “19/09/22 – New walking PB”

18/09/22 – Third run of the week

This is my happy little face after today’s 30 min 5k. I’m still loving doing c25k but without walking, it’s really making me push myself and feel excited for each run. The rest of today consisted of a trip to Crystal Palace for snacks for tomorrow and then an evening on the sofa playing gamesContinue reading “18/09/22 – Third run of the week”

14/09/22 – Lifting iron!

I went to my first ever proper weight lifting class tonight! I squatted 30kg and did loads of press-up training which was hard but I absolutely loved and it and definitely will be back. It’s so nice having lots of hobbies outside of work, I find it really helps me switch off. I’m a veryContinue reading “14/09/22 – Lifting iron!”

13/09/22 – New running shoes!

Finally finally finally, I’ve got new running shoes! I’ve decided to do Couch to 5k again, but jog when it says to walk and run fast when it says to run. I want to get my speed back up and I think this will really help. My first run went great! I really enjoyed properlyContinue reading “13/09/22 – New running shoes!”

10/09/22 – Hiking day

Today’s agenda was a lovely long walk around the Bath Skyline. We ended up walking 9.4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even the hilly bits! We were so lucky with the weather and had blue skies for a lot of it. After another trip to the hotel spa we headed out toContinue reading “10/09/22 – Hiking day”

20/08/22 – En route to En Root

Today Nic and I walked 11 miles! Our longest tracked walk yet. We went to Peckham to go for lunch at En Route, a vegan Indian restaurant I went with Corinne recently. It was so good I just had to go back and take Nic with me! We had a lovely walk, going via SydenhamContinue reading “20/08/22 – En route to En Root”