23/12/16 – Family pizza fun

I am sorry for all the recent selfies, they probably aren’t that fun to those of you that don’t know me in person… But I just love being round friends and family at this time of year so I equally love remembering these moments, hopefully you can bare with me!

22/12/16 – It’s Christmas!

Yaaaaay I’m back in Wales! My sister picked me up on her way from Switzerland(!) and now I’m happily back home in Cardiff. I’ve had an excellent day, which has been a lovely common theme recently, spent with some wonderful colleagues that make my London life a joy (I’m actually not drunk whilst writing this for theContinue reading “22/12/16 – It’s Christmas!”

21/12/16 – One more ‘do’

That’s it, my final Christmas party of the year. And in my view it was the best one. I’ve had such a fun night with so many hilarious people from my office, including this lot in my photo! I’m so lucky to work with such fun people!

17/12/16 – Five for five!

And there we are, Christmas event number 5! Boy am I ready for a sleep. Today I went to one of Europe’s biggest shopping centre, Stratford Westfield, to start my Christmas shopping. I’ve been so awfully under prepared this year, hoping to gain back control this weekend though, after a few tipples with some excellentContinue reading “17/12/16 – Five for five!”

16/12/16 – Having a royal time

Party four out of 5 – I’ve nearly made it to the end alive! Tonight was my main work party at Madame Tussauds, so how could today’s photo not be me and the queen?! Another excellent night with excellent friends. Now, get me to bed!

14/12/16 – Christmas Special!

This evening it as Come Dine with Steph, Christmas Special! Tonight I had my faves round for a big Christmas dinner, and thanks to my bae that is Fae (the girl with the tongue out) it went off without a hitch. Such a fun evening with lots of processco and a whole lot of greatContinue reading “14/12/16 – Christmas Special!”

13/12/16 – Christmas laser party

It’s maybe not the best photo, but it 100% sums up this evening. My team at work merged with another team so we could all play laser tag! It was so much fun and even though I haven’t played since I was in school, I actually suprised myself did super well and came 2nd andContinue reading “13/12/16 – Christmas laser party”

02/12/16 – Chimney cake in Berlin!

Nic and I have had a lovely first day in Berlin! We’ve drank copious amounts of various drinks… And tried lots of various German foods as we meandered around town. I love nothing more than traveling with this fave.