20/12/20 – Cycling to de-stress

Life is quite hard right now, but I take solice in this blog as I know soon enough I’ll look back and this will all be harmless memories. It’s so hard having all our Christmas plans change last minute. All we can do is try to take less focus on Christmas day as an eventContinue reading “20/12/20 – Cycling to de-stress”

08/12/20 – Get ya baubles out

It’s Christmas time!! I’m oh so excited for the Christmas break. Even though it’ll be a quiet one this year I’m really looking forward to going home and having some time off from work. Due to all our holidays being cancelled I think we’ve just not had time to reset since March. Two weeks toContinue reading “08/12/20 – Get ya baubles out”

30/11/20 – Reading is wonderful

I’ve finished Harry Potter! I’m now spending the remainder of 2020 finishing off some of my heavier non-fiction books, then it’ll be a smattering of Christmas fictions to see me through to the new year. Reading is something that brings me so much joy. The sharing of ideas, stories and inspirations is a wonderful thingContinue reading “30/11/20 – Reading is wonderful”

16/11/20 – Forgotten self care

I’ve been letting things slip recently with looking after myself. So last night I took some time to file down and paint my nails in a fun pattern, then after dinner tonight I had a lush soak in the bath reading more Harry Potter. I feel so much better from it and I can’t recommendContinue reading “16/11/20 – Forgotten self care”

11/11/20 – Cheeeeeeese

I went to the dentist today! It was mostly good news, turns out you can over brush… who knew. I used to never smile with my teeth, I was so self conscious. I’m not sure when I changed but now I can’t smile without it being a big cheesy grin! Life is a lot easierContinue reading “11/11/20 – Cheeeeeeese”

05/11/20 – Bonfire night!

Since we can’t hang out with any friends, Nic and I decided to get the fire pit out instead! We made jacket potatoes and finished them off on the fire whilst drinking mulled wine. It was honestly one of my most favourite evenings of lockdown! The stars, the fireworks in the background, all wonderful.

31/10/20 – Another soggy exploration

We headed out in the car again today to get more walking in! We walked another 6 miles Kingston area and the weather managed to be even more atrocious than yesterday. So much so my pockets had puddles of water in each of them… But it was another wonderful day battling the elements, now feelingContinue reading “31/10/20 – Another soggy exploration”