21/07/16 – Early weekend

I am working from home tomorrow so tonight marks the beginning of what feels like my weekend! Therefore, it was time for a lovely relaxing evening. I’ve had quite a hectic and sporty week so far, so it feels nice to finally chill out for once. And breathe…

04/07/16 – Back to life…

… back to reality! And back to work after our lovely five days out of the office. But it wasn’t that much of a bleak Monday as the sun is shining! And I went for drinks with Sharon, Matt and George, which is always a great evening. We may be back in London, but the holidayContinue reading “04/07/16 – Back to life…”

24/06/16 – What have we done…

It’s been a very bleak day today in London, with a majority of people surprisingly voting out in the referendum. It’s been very dramatic, as the majority of today has been spent discussing politics and the repercussions of this extreme result, I’m hoping the UK can now pull together and be the United Kingdom weContinue reading “24/06/16 – What have we done…”

27/05/16 – Tapas and Gin tests!

Yay it’s Friday, and the start of a highly awaited long weekend! It has all begun with a trip to a tapas bar with our friends Jess and Damien, so I’m pretty sure we’re in for a good one if that’s anything to go by. Swiftly after that incredible meal, we went onto a ginContinue reading “27/05/16 – Tapas and Gin tests!”

24/05/16 – #emaildrinks for #emailgeeks

Email drinks are a wonderful chance to discuss everything! With Sharon, Matt and George I have had a lush evening putting the entire world to right and drinking cider in Soho. It’s how all Tuesday’s should be and I’m definitely not complaining about that!

22/05/16 – Our little Canadian buddy!

One of my ready good friends, Alana, is leaving the country next Tuesday to head back to Canada. We’re making the most of her though before she goes home! Today we headed to The Dolphin in Sydenham for Sunday lunch. Apart from that it’s been a pretty quiet weekend overall but I think Nic andContinue reading “22/05/16 – Our little Canadian buddy!”

19/05/16 – The best #emaildrinks

I have had the busiest day at work but it’s been swiftly followed by the best evening with so many email geeks! I’ve got rubbish photos of tonight but I promise you this is the best; I hope everyone has had a great Thursday!

27/04/16 – Politics and Kings Day

I’ve had such a lovely evening! They say that you really know your friends when you talk about ideas and not about people, it’s definitely true, Nic and I have had a lovely evening with our wonderful friends Jess and Damian talking about the EU, NHS and everything in between.

25/04/16 – April showers and an #emailgeek

More like April downpours… The heavens opened today, someone up there was having a hell of a bath! But Monday’s aren’t all doom and gloom – after work I went for burgers and drinks with Sharon to put the world at right. It was as a great evening as always, filled with gossip, wine, andContinue reading “25/04/16 – April showers and an #emailgeek”