19/11/21 – The C Word

Completely cleaning and sorting our drinks area has made me very excited for Christmas. It’s going to come around so fast as I’m off to Florida in a couple weeks and then when I’m back it’s onto two weeks until Christmas! I’m starting to think about doing all my shopping which I’ve hardly started yet…Continue reading “19/11/21 – The C Word”

16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas

I finally left the house! After three days inside sorting the house out and cleaning I finally left to go get dinner with Corinne this evening. We ate lots of fun and interesting food, and I even had a lovely glass of vermouth at the end. But most importantly I had a wonderful catch upContinue reading “16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas”

06/09/21 – Monday pints!

I went for a lovely run and swim this morning! I’m hoping that’s me getting hooked again as I really enkoyed myself. It’s such a gorgeous sunny day that later on in the afternoon Nic and I had the sudden want for pints, so once we were done with work for the day it wasContinue reading “06/09/21 – Monday pints!”

03/09/21 – Tacos and cocktails!

I’m finally feeling well enough to do fun things again! This evening after work Nic and I headed out to Crystal Palace to see where the wind took us. We ended up at a new to us Mexican place! Had some lush cocktails and amazing food. I’m so so pleased to not feel ill anymore,Continue reading “03/09/21 – Tacos and cocktails!”

12/08/21 – A bit delicate

I had a wonderful time last night, but it wasn’t without its mild repercussions today… I was groggy to say the least, some might say difficult, and they would not be eating. But I didn’t actually manage to get a load of work done and had some prosecco in the evening! All in all aContinue reading “12/08/21 – A bit delicate”