11/09/22 – Last Bath moments

We made sure to squeeze the most out of our Bath trip with afternoon tea at The Pump Room in the last few hours before our train home. It’s safe to say we were stuffed by the end of it! We had to take away some of the cakes for our train ride home. I’veContinue reading “11/09/22 – Last Bath moments”

16/08/22 – Vegan dinner out

I went into the office today to spend some time with friends at work. It was a busy busy day but then after work we went out for dinner and then onto dinner. It was bloody lovely catching up, I enjoy going into the office so much. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the effort isContinue reading “16/08/22 – Vegan dinner out”

11/08/22 – Team night out

I had a lovely night out tonight with some of the people in my current client team. After a long week so far at work it was lovely to unwind with some drinks and pizza near work. I feel like I say it all the time but London is HOT right now and I’m reallyContinue reading “11/08/22 – Team night out”

09/08/22 – Date night!

I decided this afternoon that Nic and I needed a lovely evening out in the sunshine. So at 5.30 we packed up from work and headed out for cocktails and an Italian dinner. It was absolutely delicious, and as an added bonus, the restaurant played the entirety of ABBA Gold! So we spent a lotContinue reading “09/08/22 – Date night!”

30/07/22 – Last stop!

Today we packed up from Devon and moved to our last leg of this trip, Cornwall! We’re now camping for the next couple nights with Nic’s family. Whilst waiting for everyone to regroup Nic and I went for a clifftop walk with a couple of gin and tonic cans! It was a fantastic way toContinue reading “30/07/22 – Last stop!”

12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!

We went out on a date this evening! We’ve been reminiscing about how wonderful it was in Lisbon being able to be in a bar before 6pm, but then realised we can do that at home if we want. So after work we went for a walk to Crystal Palace to get a gin andContinue reading “12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!”

11/02/22 – What a week…

This week has felt exceptionally long. Top tip, don’t cycle into work the first two days of the week if you don’t want to knacker yourself out for the rest of it! Every day since those two days has felt like a Friday which has led to a devastating blow every time I find outContinue reading “11/02/22 – What a week…”

05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out

We’ve got more work going on in the house so Nic and I scarpered to Boxpark for lunch today. We got a lovely vegan “chicken” burger after originally being given an actual chicken one (eep!) by mistake. We even got a cheeky pint in with the pre-football crowd. It was a five mile walk inContinue reading “05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out”