12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!

We went out on a date this evening! We’ve been reminiscing about how wonderful it was in Lisbon being able to be in a bar before 6pm, but then realised we can do that at home if we want. So after work we went for a walk to Crystal Palace to get a gin andContinue reading “12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!”

11/02/22 – What a week…

This week has felt exceptionally long. Top tip, don’t cycle into work the first two days of the week if you don’t want to knacker yourself out for the rest of it! Every day since those two days has felt like a Friday which has led to a devastating blow every time I find outContinue reading “11/02/22 – What a week…”

05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out

We’ve got more work going on in the house so Nic and I scarpered to Boxpark for lunch today. We got a lovely vegan “chicken” burger after originally being given an actual chicken one (eep!) by mistake. We even got a cheeky pint in with the pre-football crowd. It was a five mile walk inContinue reading “05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out”

29/01/22 – Town drinks!

I had SUCH a nice day today. Nic and I finally went into central to do some shopping and it turned out to be the most fun day. We got breakfast out, cocktails and did lots of successful shopping. We had a wonderful day laughing all the way and I’m so greetful for life toContinue reading “29/01/22 – Town drinks!”

18/01/22 – Back in the pub!

For the first time in many months we’re back in the pub this evening! Luckily it was very quiet so we didn’t feel on edge at all in terms of covid. It was so lovely to see Ian and we had a great evening chatting away and catching up. Being back in the office wasContinue reading “18/01/22 – Back in the pub!”

19/11/21 – The C Word

Completely cleaning and sorting our drinks area has made me very excited for Christmas. It’s going to come around so fast as I’m off to Florida in a couple weeks and then when I’m back it’s onto two weeks until Christmas! I’m starting to think about doing all my shopping which I’ve hardly started yet…Continue reading “19/11/21 – The C Word”

16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas

I finally left the house! After three days inside sorting the house out and cleaning I finally left to go get dinner with Corinne this evening. We ate lots of fun and interesting food, and I even had a lovely glass of vermouth at the end. But most importantly I had a wonderful catch upContinue reading “16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas”

06/09/21 – Monday pints!

I went for a lovely run and swim this morning! I’m hoping that’s me getting hooked again as I really enkoyed myself. It’s such a gorgeous sunny day that later on in the afternoon Nic and I had the sudden want for pints, so once we were done with work for the day it wasContinue reading “06/09/21 – Monday pints!”