01/06/21 – BBQ in June

It reached 26 degrees today! It was bloody gorgeous. I sat out at lunchtime and read my book, then after work Nic and I got straight to BBQing, just how spring/summer should be. I am sad that my mum went home today. I was glum for our lovely weekend to have ended but it wasContinue reading “01/06/21 – BBQ in June”

30/05/21 – Sunshine drinks!

I will never take for granted the sentence “shall we stop off for a drink?” ever again! It’s such a joy to be spontaneous again now that covid is easing off in the UK. On our way back from brunch we stopped off for a sunshine drink, and it was just delightful. The sun isContinue reading “30/05/21 – Sunshine drinks!”

22/05/21 – Day out in London!

Nic and I went into London today – on the train!! My first time on public transport in over 14 months (since the pandemic started). It was so much fun. We walked 6 miles through London and had dinner at Dishoom. I’ve had such a lush day, I’m so happy doing new and fun thingsContinue reading “22/05/21 – Day out in London!”