24/09/22 – New desk day!

We put up my new desk this morning and I’m over the moon with it! It’s a mechanical standing desk and it’s so lovely. I’m trying to make my office as nice a place as possible as I spent so much time in there. This is the next step and I couldn’t be happier! IContinue reading “24/09/22 – New desk day!”

22/09/22 – Office nosying

I really enjoy coming into the office. Mostly because it’s lovely to see my friends and colleagues that I don’t often get to hang out with in person. But if I’m honest, I do also love just staring out the window. Today I saw a van get a ticket, and these influencer snapping photos outsideContinue reading “22/09/22 – Office nosying”

15/09/22 – Evening Westfield Trip

Nic had to pick up an order from a shop in Westfield tonight so we decided to make an evening out of it. After work we got the train to Shepard’s Bush and went for dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant. It was amazing food but incredibly rich, I only managed half of mine butContinue reading “15/09/22 – Evening Westfield Trip”

12/09/22 – Plant doctor continues

We’re back home and back at work… This evening I went round the whole house checking in on all our plants, seeing who needed a little bit of TLC. The photo is of one of my new pots which makes the job much easier! All the rest I use a little moisture reader to seeContinue reading “12/09/22 – Plant doctor continues”

04/09/22 – Plant hospital

We got up on a Sunday morning and went to a garden centre… So it’s safe to say we’re officially growing older! But we did get a new pot and soil to do some house plant reshuffling. Kind of like how hermit crabs scale up their homes, that was the system I was going for.Continue reading “04/09/22 – Plant hospital”

01/09/22 – Recovery centre

My poor peace lily isn’t feeling too great so he’s gone in for a spa day in our bathroom. I think he’s suffering from over watering but I just wanted to check with a quick bottom water! It was actually a plant focused day today. After dinner Nic and I headed to Brixton to pickContinue reading “01/09/22 – Recovery centre”

31/08/22 – Last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer and who did we get a visit from right outside our house? The ice cream man! If only I wasn’t in a meeting when it turned up… I’m quite excited for summer to be over. I love all the seasons and this summer has been a bit relentlessContinue reading “31/08/22 – Last day of summer”