06/01/22 – Soggy walk to relaxation

I had a lovely massage this evening! It was a bit too late in the day for me to have a massage though I found out as it was exhausting trying to stay away for the whole thing… I think I’ll stick to weekend mornings next time. (What a difficult life I have…) I alsoContinue reading “06/01/22 – Soggy walk to relaxation”

02/01/22 – Can’t get enough!

When I say I’ve played a lot of Stardew Valley over the Christmas holidays, I’m really not lying… But I’m absolutely loving it! I made some great progress on it as we had a really relaxing day in today. Tomorrow will be a bit more productive I hope, but today was a good mellowing outContinue reading “02/01/22 – Can’t get enough!”

21/12/21 – Ever closer…

As if Christmas is in four days. The last time I worked until Christmas Eve was about 9 years ago! Today I turned up the Christmas songs to get me more into the mood as I worked. It’s not yet winding down for the holiday but I don’t mind as I’d rather be busy thanContinue reading “21/12/21 – Ever closer…”

15/12/21 – So much going on

Life just feels a bit hectic right now, but luckily I’m in a good place mentally so feel like I can deal with it… For now at least! I started my new job today and it went great. I met a lot of people (virtually) and read a whole host of documents. Along with thatContinue reading “15/12/21 – So much going on”