14/12/22 – Weighted blanket warmth

I bought us a weighted blanket recently. It weighs 9kg and feels so heavy to pick up, especially as it’s a bit of a dead weight all floppy. However when it comes to using it to sleep, it’s absolutely a winner. I feel so cosy and comforted, we both do! It’s a real hit, soContinue reading “14/12/22 – Weighted blanket warmth”

09/12/22 – The day after…

Oh boy did I feel sorry for myself today. My voice was absolutely gone today. I had to present a load of work in meetings, but luckily it was all taken in good humour. I sang so loudly and out of tune all night, but it was all worth it! The only photo I tookContinue reading “09/12/22 – The day after…”

06/12/22 – Hallway decoration

Our hallway and landing have now been decorated! Only five years after moving into the house… Whoops! But better late than never as we absolutely are over the moon with how it’s turned out. We just have the flooring to go and then it’s going to look just so different. It’s already so much brighterContinue reading “06/12/22 – Hallway decoration”

23/11/22 – Overwhelmed by mayo…

I popped to the shop on the off chance they had mayonnaise, and not only did they have it, they had five different types! This is our very tiny local shop. I was stuck for choice for a while as I just wasn’t expecting it. Today I also packed as I’m heading into London forContinue reading “23/11/22 – Overwhelmed by mayo…”

20/11/22 – Light of my life

Popped up to see what Nic was up to today and found him looking like a cool album cover. Today consisted of not having much luck in either B&Q or IKEA and then coming back home again to chill out. I was meant to be giving blood but as I was ill last week itContinue reading “20/11/22 – Light of my life”