14/01/23 – Dinner with friends

I ran 8 miles today. I’m super pleased as it was a decent pace too even though I went to two shops whilst I was out. Literally “running” errands! This evening Nic and I went round our friends house for dinner and had a great time. I’m just so grateful life is back to normalContinue reading “14/01/23 – Dinner with friends”

04/01/23 – A wee rest day

Nic went out for a run today but I had a day off from exercise! I have booked swimming though for tomorrow morning so I’m looking forward to that. Today was a bit better at work as I’m getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely. I think I did a really goodContinue reading “04/01/23 – A wee rest day”

24/12/22 – Christmas eve on the beach

We had a lovely calm Christmas Eve today. We met my sister and her family on the beach, had some chips, went on a nice meander then mum and I chilled at home for the evening. I watched some TV, had some red wine, did my nails, all the lovely, relaxing things of Christmas holidays.

21/12/22 – The big kids

Another really lovely day today. My sister, her husband and kids came over to mums. We played on the Wii, with Lego and just generally had a really lovely and chilled out day. Just what I needed! It’s so nice having this time off work to be with family, my favourite thing about Christmas (maybeContinue reading “21/12/22 – The big kids”

16/12/22 – It’s still so cold!

Look at this poor frosty car… It just looks so cold. I’m actually quite excited for the temperature to leave negative figures soon. It should be tomorrow that this happens which is good as it’s not making us want to leave the house much right now… Just look how cold it looks!

15/12/22 – Slipping to the shops

(I’m back up to date with my blog now. Thanks for your patience with my bulk posting!) The temperature was -6 degrees this morning which means the snow has not budged yet. It has however solidified and become ice in a lot of places which made for an interesting walk to the shop at lunchtime.Continue reading “15/12/22 – Slipping to the shops”