14/11/21 – Kindness of neighbors

I’m slowly winning against the house. Today I managed to finish the bedroom, the bathroom, the study, a massive chunk of the spare bedroom and a little bit of the kitchen done. The flowers on the table were brought round by our wonderful neighbors. She saw I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday so dropped themContinue reading “14/11/21 – Kindness of neighbors”

05/11/21 – Another day another city

After a quick night in London, and a gorgeous sunrise, I’m now off to the Midlands to visit my lovely friend Fiona and stay with her for a couple nights. My sixth different bed in the last two weeks! It was a day of a long drive but a wonderful (and very overdue) catch-up atContinue reading “05/11/21 – Another day another city”

04/11/21 – Halfway point!

This is a big reason why I’m frolicking around Britain right now… Our whole house is getting rewired and today I stopped by to see what half way looks like… Answer is a lot of wires, missing floor boards and everything everywhere! Best leave them too it then… Off I go again! Onto my fifthContinue reading “04/11/21 – Halfway point!”

20/10/21 – One door closes…

I finished at my job today!! Apart from some freelance work I now have two months off before I start my new role and I’m beyond excited for it, both the break and the new job! To top off an excellent day, Nic and I went to our friends Nat and Dan’s for dinner tonightContinue reading “20/10/21 – One door closes…”

16/10/21 – Day at the Tate

Nic’s parents came down to visit us today! We went out for a lovely lunch in Richmond then headed to the Tate Modern for the day. We saw some incredible and timeless classics, and of course a few pieces that spurred the old “how do you even quantify what art is?” discussion. But it wouldn’tContinue reading “16/10/21 – Day at the Tate”