31/08/22 – Last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer and who did we get a visit from right outside our house? The ice cream man! If only I wasn’t in a meeting when it turned up… I’m quite excited for summer to be over. I love all the seasons and this summer has been a bit relentlessContinue reading “31/08/22 – Last day of summer”

21/08/22 – Running and brunch

I finally went on a long run this morning! I did 10k with 100m of elevation. I stopped midway to take this photo as I thought the acts were a bit impressive before I realised the last few words… I did think it was quite the feat to get Bob Marley back from the dead!Continue reading “21/08/22 – Running and brunch”

19/08/22 – Pressure washer fun

This is our recent new obsession… The power washer game on Xbox. We’re absolutely loving it. It’s honestly so relaxing and is helping me switch off most evenings after dinner. I’m so pleased it’s Friday and so ready for a rest. This week has been pretty relentless and a couple days off is definitely whatContinue reading “19/08/22 – Pressure washer fun”

04/08/22 – I’m off again!

A quick run through Sainsbury’s at lunch (with a speedy photo op of Nic and this amazing cushion) and we were all set to have my aunty over for dinner tonight! Tomorrow her and I are heading to North Wales to visit my Nana. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s a lovely chanceContinue reading “04/08/22 – I’m off again!”

21/07/22 – Fancy nails

I’m so hooked on this shellac nail colour right now. For the last six weeks it’s all I’ve worn! I’ve now filed my nails back down and redone it again as I’m still not fed up of it. Nic even sent me this photo while he was out this evening saying “Look it’s your nailContinue reading “21/07/22 – Fancy nails”

20/07/22 – Cooling down… with pints!

Thankfully it’s so much cooler in London today. Nic and I went into town to have drinks with a couple friends and it was so nice to venture out of the house! I had such a lovely time I forgot to take any photos… But when we got home it was time to open allContinue reading “20/07/22 – Cooling down… with pints!”

18/07/22 – Welcome to the house

Here’s our latest addition to the house, fan number three! Today it is HOT in London. Our house reached 29 degrees on the middle floor, so Nic was understandably melting on the top floor. After work we went to do a shop and picked up this new fan which we’ve already welcomed with open arms.Continue reading “18/07/22 – Welcome to the house”