05/07/22 – Covid day three!

In a world of ups and downs, today my fever has subsided a bit but now all my skin hurts to the touch which is the strangest feeling… Nic sadly also has covid now but at least this means I have company compared to the previous two days (bit selfish but it was only aContinue reading “05/07/22 – Covid day three!”

28/06/22 – Fun day at the office

I cycled into the office today, just for a chance to get out of the house this week and see a couple work friends. It ended up being a very productive day, which is always an added bonus! I also found this cute stuffed horse on the desk that I booked, so he then keptContinue reading “28/06/22 – Fun day at the office”

31/05/22 – Trip to the office!

After a week of isolation and then a week of holiday it was finally time to visit the office again! And what a lovely trip it was. I had a wonderful and productive day with Sharon and Pierse followed by drinks in the pub, nattering away for hours. It was absolutely lovely and we’ve alreadyContinue reading “31/05/22 – Trip to the office!”

18/05/22 – The breaking storm

It’s been lovely and warm here in London recently, which has been a welcome change from the cold front we had for the first part of the year! However this evening it seems to have reached it’s climax, as whilst I write this I can hear the rain thrashing against the window, the rumble ofContinue reading “18/05/22 – The breaking storm”

14/05/22 – Basking in the sunshine

Finally, some warmth!! The sun has taken it’s sweet time to show up properly in London this year. It’s been so windy and chilly these last few months. Today I took great delight in suncreaming myself up and basking in the sunshine for a couple hours reading my book. It was absolutely lovely.

07/05/22 – Busting out my seams

When you have an ass that won’t quit… busting through jeans! After a lovely afternoon of shopping with Nic in Bromley, I finally decided to sit down and fix three pairs of trousers and a broken pencil case. All things that have been on the pile for ages but I hadn’t got round to. TheseContinue reading “07/05/22 – Busting out my seams”