21/02/23 – Back home!

And just like that we’re back home again. Today we were a bit tired from our busy last few days and late night last night, so it was mostly just catching up at work and then chilling out for the evening. The most exciting part of my day was the ice cream van coming allContinue reading “21/02/23 – Back home!”

09/02/23 – Back to Kindle

I’ve rediscovered my love of my kindle as I make my way through all the Harry Potter books again. I’m now reading the fourth one which is where the physical books start to get quite hefty, so I’ve made the switch over to my kindle. I’m absolutely loving them still though and flying through aboutContinue reading “09/02/23 – Back to Kindle”

08/02/23 – Nosy neighbour

Hi, it’s me, I’m the nosy neighbour… I looked out my study window today and saw a car, from two floors up! It turned out to be an entire car transporter on our street, which I then spent the next ten minutes watching as he loaded up a car from our street onto his truck.Continue reading “08/02/23 – Nosy neighbour”

03/02/23 – HP book three!

I’m very nearly three Harry Potter books down with four to go! I have eight weeks left but I know they get longer and longer so want to front load a bit. I’d like to be on the big beefy one for our next trip abroad… If I can fit it in my bag. MightContinue reading “03/02/23 – HP book three!”

30/01/23 – Back to reality

And just like that we’re back in London and back to work. But this is the start of lots of lovely holidays and I’m honestly so happy and excited for them all. What a tough few years it’s been, and I’m so grateful that we’re seeing the back end of some of those limitations! OnwardsContinue reading “30/01/23 – Back to reality”

26/01/23 – Pitch day!

What a day! A very busy and full on day at work, doing a pitch for a big client, but it ended up going really well and I actually enjoyed being on it which was great. I ended up reading loads after and trying to finish the first Harry Potter book so I could takeContinue reading “26/01/23 – Pitch day!”

16/01/23 – A cosy day in

The UK has taken a cold turn today and it’s now chillllyyy. We didn’t leave the house… We did however have a cosy evening in with the heating on. I’m nearing the end of my second book of 2023 and I’ve enjoyed it! I have a stack more to get through and I’m so pleasedContinue reading “16/01/23 – A cosy day in”