21/12/21 – Ever closer…

As if Christmas is in four days. The last time I worked until Christmas Eve was about 9 years ago! Today I turned up the Christmas songs to get me more into the mood as I worked. It’s not yet winding down for the holiday but I don’t mind as I’d rather be busy thanContinue reading “21/12/21 – Ever closer…”

15/12/21 – So much going on

Life just feels a bit hectic right now, but luckily I’m in a good place mentally so feel like I can deal with it… For now at least! I started my new job today and it went great. I met a lot of people (virtually) and read a whole host of documents. Along with thatContinue reading “15/12/21 – So much going on”

13/12/21 – Festive houses

It’s not just The States that are feeling festive! I drove to a friend’s house this evening and noticed way more houses with extravagant lights out. I’m absolutely loving it, and have already told Nic were going for an evening walk tomorrow to look at all our local ones. Tis the season for high electricContinue reading “13/12/21 – Festive houses”

28/11/21 – Last minute lunch

One of my favourite joys in life is last minute plans with friends. Today Mariana popped up asking if I wanted to go for lunch and it took me less than a second to say “yes please!” So off we went out into the freezing cold to find somewhere that had room for lunch lastContinue reading “28/11/21 – Last minute lunch”

22/11/21 – Calming crackle…

Or not… I can’t work out if I love or hate this candle. We’ve been sorting out a lot of stuff in house recently with a whole host of things going to charity. This candle has been with us since the old flat, it crackles really loudly and I just can’t decide if I loveContinue reading “22/11/21 – Calming crackle…”