Today has been non-stop. Zumba at 9am, then to caerleon to buy art stuff (which they didn’t have), then town, then uni, and finally then back home. I haven’t stopped since this morning. Here’s a picture of David, my house-mate and faithful companion for today (I bribed him by paying for lunch).


Back in Newport now. On the way back I wanted to grab a banana and bottle of water as I was heading straight to the gym, it cost £2.05 but I only had £2 on me, so a kind woman at the train station gave me the 5p – nice gestures make me smile.


I did try to upload this yesterday, but couldn’t get the card reader to work. This was the restaurant my mum and I went to for Sunday lunch, we left after being told we’d have a ‘short wait’ of 45 mins!