02/05/16 – From the gardens to the jungle

Today marks 300 days of blogging in a row! I’m feeling pretty swish and to top it off it’s a bank holiday Monday so no work! Nic and I are still pretty achy from Saturday’s Tough Mudder but we still decided to make the most of our day off by going to Kew Gardens inContinue reading “02/05/16 – From the gardens to the jungle”

26/04/16 – Blue skies and #NicerTuesdays

Today I have seen blue skies, rain, hail and even a snow shower… The weather in London has been really crazy! After work my colleague Sam and I went to #NicerTuesdays, an event in Shoreditch where various creative speakers come to talk about a variety of topics. It was a really interesting evening, I wouldContinue reading “26/04/16 – Blue skies and #NicerTuesdays”

24/04/16 – Chilly springtime strolls

We’ve had a lazy day today and it’s been really nice. Nic and I went to Crystal palace for a long walk, stopping off to pet the bunnies at the small farm there – we’re definitely getting a bunny when we buy our house, I’m so excited! I’m still cooing over spring at every opportunityContinue reading “24/04/16 – Chilly springtime strolls”

20/04/16 – Springtime run in the sun

Absolutely gorgeous day today, perfect weather for a run in the sunshine. Corinne and I headed out for one of our last lunchtime runs (she’s leaving CACI the week after next waaahhh) and smashed it again feeling very toasty afterwards! I also beat my PB for cycling into work! 39minutes door to door, so that’sContinue reading “20/04/16 – Springtime run in the sun”