27/06/21 – Change of plan

Well, that took an unexpected turn! This morning whilst we were working out our plan of things to do today my NHS Covid App told me I needed to self isolate for four days! A massive blow for us. Nic and I decided we had to jump in the car and head home to ourContinue reading “27/06/21 – Change of plan”

11/06/21 – Keeping lunches fun

I’m back working from home in London but instead of moping around we decided to do something different for lunch and drive to a local park cafe! The food was wonderful and then we went for a little walk around their “white garden”, a beautiful space full only of different types of white flowers. IContinue reading “11/06/21 – Keeping lunches fun”

29/05/21 – A sunny day out

Finally the weather is on our side! After what now feels like months of dreary weather, today we had blue skies and warm rays greeting us. Mum and I went for a walk in East Sussex to where Winnie the Pooh was thought up! We played Pooh sticks and had a gorgeous lunch in theContinue reading “29/05/21 – A sunny day out”

19/05/21 – Stormy skies

We’ve had some cracking storms these last few days, and generally this spring has been so wet and wild. I’m very excited for summer to eventually kick off so we can enjoy more time outdoors without being battered by the elements. Super enjoyable and productive day at work today. I’m already raring to go tomorrowContinue reading “19/05/21 – Stormy skies”

12/05/21 – Sunset debrief

I’m feeling so much better today after a further 9 hours sleep last night. Raring and ready to take on the day ahead – or there abouts. I did have another lovely after work walk with Nic, huffing as many springtime flowers as I can whilst we go. Who can resist when they look thisContinue reading “12/05/21 – Sunset debrief”