18/02/21 – Golden hour dreams

Busy day today! Went for a four mile run with Corinne (she was on the phone!) this morning before work. It was great apart from when it got too windy and we struggled to hear each other, I think we’ll switch to walking instead next time… I had lots of meetings today and also aContinue reading “18/02/21 – Golden hour dreams”

15/02/21 – The smell of Spring

Out on our lunchtime walk today we could both smell Springtime in the air! The rain came last night and washed away all the remaining snow and what feels like also the end of winter. The smell of fresh air and flowers were blowing in the breeze and this has cheered up no end. WhatContinue reading “15/02/21 – The smell of Spring”

14/02/21 – Valentine’s chippy date

Nic and I walked to Brockwell today to have chip shop chips in the park! It was much milder than Friday so made for a more pleasant potato eating experience. More birds standing on ice, but looks like it’ll be the last of it as the temp is already climbing up here in London. I’mContinue reading “14/02/21 – Valentine’s chippy date”

12/02/21 – Freezing day off

Nic and I took the day off work today. A day to recharge. We walked down to crystal Palace Park to get a jacket potato for lunch whilst watching the birds on the frozen lake. It sounds magical but it was freeeeeezing. We did have a lovely time though, and it certainly blew away someContinue reading “12/02/21 – Freezing day off”

11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow

The snow is starting to melt but not without a fight! It was -5 degrees here today which is cold for London. I’m enjoying seeing all the little footprints in the snow from all our little cat and fox visitors that we get in the garden. We have a high traffic route which due toContinue reading “11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow”

02/02/21 – Sing us a song

On our lunchtime walk today we could hear a robin singing but could not spot him anywhere, but knew he must be close he was so loud. Nic then pointed out the robin was about a meter just in front of us! We watched the little bird sing for about a minute, right close upContinue reading “02/02/21 – Sing us a song”

27/01/21 – Need to get out

Oh man I’m simultaneously climbing the walls and also not wanting to leave the house. Today the weather was miserable, so that didn’t help. I need Spring to pop it’s head around the corner… Or I need to suck it up and get running in the rain! The latter is probably my best option forContinue reading “27/01/21 – Need to get out”

26/01/21 – The longest month

This January is lasting years… It’s well known January is a long month but man alive is this one dragging because of the lockdown. I’m very up and down at the moment, I think I need to get out more and exercise. Now that the snow has gone I’m hoping I’ll be able to stepContinue reading “26/01/21 – The longest month”