14/06/16 – Returning friends!

We have Maria and Dan over tonight! They’ve been off galavanting around the world on their honeymoon, but are now returning to do the rounds of UK before moving to Germany. Sadly their plane got delayed, but Nic and I spent the time preparing dinner (mostly Nic!), he also bought me these lovely flowers soContinue reading “14/06/16 – Returning friends!”

10/06/16 – Perfect day off

Today is my long awaited day off! Just me and my bike, exploring London on a lovely sunny Friday. I cycled 21 miles to Hampstead Heath so I could spend the day at the ladies swimming pond. It was glorious and I cannot recommend it enough! I spent about 4 hours rotating between swimming inContinue reading “10/06/16 – Perfect day off”

04/06/16 – Perfect Saturday!

Today has been delightful and delicious! Nic and I woke up late and decided to go to Crystal Palace Food Market for breakfast things, I spotted this ladybird on the way home, cute! We ended up getting sourdough bread and fresh eggs that we poached. It was incredible! After that I finally managed to finishContinue reading “04/06/16 – Perfect Saturday!”

29/05/16 – Venturing up North (London)

We cycled to north London today on a bit of a cycling adventure! I read about the wetlands earlier this week and really wanted to visit. We loved the boardwalk side of it and the walk around the edge; I’d recommend popping by if you were doing something else in the area. We ended upContinue reading “29/05/16 – Venturing up North (London)”

16/05/16 – House hunting!

We’re back on the house hunt wagon with a lovely two bed in Catford. I feel knackered already with how much thought that goes into each house viewing. But, it’s progress, and we love progress on a Monday evening – especially when it takes us on a lovely ride along the river, think positive!

09/05/16 – Spring showers!

Well the sun seems to definitely favour weekends! Whilst cycling home today the heavens decided to open and I got drenched… But I made it back in one piece and had a very deserving shower. We’re about to kick off the final stage of a project pitch at work, so it’s feeling very “calm beforeContinue reading “09/05/16 – Spring showers!”

07/04/16 – Picnic in the park

London is in the middle of a big heatwave this weekend! We had to drive to Bromley this morning to look at a house we liked, then we were free to frolick for the rest of the day! After greedily buying too much picnic food we headed to Crystal Palace to meet up with ourContinue reading “07/04/16 – Picnic in the park”

03/05/16 – Come Dine with Steph #2

Back to the cold hard reality of work today after a lovely three day weekend, but luckily I love my job so it’s not all toooo bad. Tonight is Come Dine with Steph, though we’re missing Fae as she’s ill so that’s not good. But it didn’t stop us having a massive dinner after lovelyContinue reading “03/05/16 – Come Dine with Steph #2”

02/05/16 – From the gardens to the jungle

Today marks 300 days of blogging in a row! I’m feeling pretty swish and to top it off it’s a bank holiday Monday so no work! Nic and I are still pretty achy from Saturday’s Tough Mudder but we still decided to make the most of our day off by going to Kew Gardens inContinue reading “02/05/16 – From the gardens to the jungle”