08/01/21 – Cosy study

Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Sad times… But this year was the most we’ve ever made out of a tree due to being in London for Christmas! We definitely got our money’s worth. As I’m still slightly refusing to let go of Christmas I’ve kept my little fairy lights upContinue reading “08/01/21 – Cosy study”

07/01/21 – Snowy cycling!

I finally got out on my bike this morning before work! I’m so so pleased that I did. It snowed whilst I was cycling and I had the biggest grin on my face (under all my layers!) I did a ten mile loop around our area. I’m hoping to up that over the next fewContinue reading “07/01/21 – Snowy cycling!”

04/01/21 – Damp desk view

Back to work today after what felt like a simultaneously long and short Christmas break. It was lovely chatting to colleagues again and having more of a routine. I enjoyed hearing the pitter patter of the rain outside whilst being warm and cosy working inside. This evening I launched my new website rebrand! I postedContinue reading “04/01/21 – Damp desk view”

03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!

I kicked today off with a solid five mile run! It really put me in great step for the day despite it being freezing at the start and a bit of a slog. Still got out there and nailed it! After that I went for a lovely one-on-one walk in Crystal Palace Park with Nat.Continue reading “03/01/21 – Caught in the rain!”

01/01/21 – Day 1 of 365

A bit of a nothing day today. I’ve felt a bit listless… Aimlessly floating around the house with not much motivation or purpose. I’ve since however set myself some January running and cycling goals and I’m hoping to kick them off tomorrow! I need a kick up the bum to get my 2021 going. It’sContinue reading “01/01/21 – Day 1 of 365”

30/12/20 – New phone potential

My new phone arrived today. I’ve made the switch from LG to Google and it’s not without it’s headaches, but I’m getting there! After a relatively productive day (mostly playing on my new phone and then Minecraft) I went out for a sunset walk to get some photos with my new phone! I’m definitely pleasedContinue reading “30/12/20 – New phone potential”

29/12/20 – Fresh air and itchy feet

We’re going a bit mad being cooped up for so long in Thornton Heath due to Covid. It’s making us want to move out of London entirely due to missing the seaside and not hearing constant noise. However we also know it would be silly to make any rash decisions during a pandemic… So we’reContinue reading “29/12/20 – Fresh air and itchy feet”

14/12/20 – The morning sun

I just love our bedroom as the sun streams in in the mornings. And as we’re still working from home (since March!) I’m managing to avoid dark mornings quite well this year, silver linings and all that… It looks like we’ll be heading into Tier 3 from Wednesday. So this evening I managed to getContinue reading “14/12/20 – The morning sun”

12/12/20 – Afternoon sunsets

It feels like winter solstice is just around the corner with all these 3pm sunsets! Today’s was pretty spectacular though. One last walk of 2020 with Mariana before she heads to Portugal for Christmas! It was a lush chance to natter the hours away. Once back home I got a load more sewing done includingContinue reading “12/12/20 – Afternoon sunsets”