13/03/21 – ALL the elements

I’ve had a very wholesome day today. I cross stitched for an hour this morning before setting out on a ten mile run. I thought the weather was ideal, if a bit windy. But I ended up getting ALL the elements! It was super sunny, then rained, hailed and sleeted and finally finished up withContinue reading “13/03/21 – ALL the elements”

12/03/21 – Morning spring walks

I woke up this morning to a text saying my covid test was negative! Woo hoo! I then headed out at 7am for a phone call walk with my friend in the Philippines (3pm her time!). I ended up walking 5 miles, nattering away for nearly two hours. It was lush! I even managed toContinue reading “12/03/21 – Morning spring walks”

08/03/21 – Cloudy morning walks

Got out at 7am today to chat with Corinne on the phone whilst walking around my local area. Decided to visit Norwood Lakes as I haven’t been there for ages! It’s much quieter now the kids are back in school, just a few joggers and morning walkers. A very calm way to enter into aContinue reading “08/03/21 – Cloudy morning walks”

06/03/21 – Bit of normality

Nic and I walked to Streatham Common today and had a takeaway lunch from a cafe! We sat in The Rockery and ate a sourdough toastie and chips. It was so lovely that it felt like a “normal” Saturday from pre-covid, despite us having to order via an app and then collect… But we’re gettingContinue reading “06/03/21 – Bit of normality”

26/02/21 – Morning reflection

This morning I went for a speedy 5km run. It was 2 degrees, a clear blue sky with the sun shining – ideal conditions. Once I got back home I noticed there was still steam rising off me so I went into the garden to stretch and cool down. The birds were chirping, the sunContinue reading “26/02/21 – Morning reflection”

25/02/21 – Longer days

Just look at that sky! Our evening walks are no longer dark and dreary but colourful and well, not so dark. It’s doing an absolute wonder to my mood – I feel like a different Steph from a month ago. After dinner I got way more done on my cross-stitch whilst having a lovely natterContinue reading “25/02/21 – Longer days”

23/02/21 – Spring is springing!

Seeing this tree in full blossom made me so happy this morning! I was out on an hours walk before work with Corinne on the phone. It was such a gorgeous dawn and a wonderful opportunity to find the time to catch up with great friend. In some other wholesome news, after dinner I spentContinue reading “23/02/21 – Spring is springing!”

21/02/21 – Long run Sunday

I ran to Clapham Common and back today today. It was an absolute slog… Not enough food and water yesterday, and too thick of top when it’s 14 degrees – sweaty! I ended up tying my top up to get my tummy out to cool off! That’s a bucket list item to have enough confidenceContinue reading “21/02/21 – Long run Sunday”