02/08/22 – The long trip home

After a week and a half away from home visiting four different places and lots of people, it’s time to head home. We packed up and set out on the over four hour drive home. It went by quite quickly actually and Nic and I just nattered away for the whole drive. I’m now prettyContinue reading “02/08/22 – The long trip home”

17/06/22 – Second run to work!

I managed to do it again! I ran the 9 miles to work and didn’t end up as a mere puddle at the end (close though!). I took this lovely photo at 8 miles in, crossing over London Bridge. After work I went for a couple of cheeky halfs with mum in the pub, andContinue reading “17/06/22 – Second run to work!”

18/04/22 – Running to Greenwich

Today’s 10 mile run was a tough old slog! I’m not entirely sure why but I think there was a multitude of different reasons that all built on top of each other. A few lessons have been learnt and I’m excited to go at it again soon. I did buy a barbell set today thoughContinue reading “18/04/22 – Running to Greenwich”

03/04/22 – Running to Tower Bridge

I did an 11 mile run this morning! From home to Tower Bridge with a bit of a scenic route. It was great, tough towards the end but I still made it. I then had a lovely brunch at home with Nic before heading out for a very painful massage as I’ve been so tenseContinue reading “03/04/22 – Running to Tower Bridge”