23/11/21 – Shopping day out

Popped to London this morning to get some shopping done both for my Florida holiday next week and Christmas! I took myself out for breakfast whilst I waited for the shops to open and then picked up some lovely things! It was a exceptionally productive day, and I’m now even more excited for Florida withContinue reading “23/11/21 – Shopping day out”

10/10/21 – Cultured day out

We went to the V&A museum today. It was again surprisingly quiet, so made for a lovely early afternoon of meandering around. After that we went to the hotel’s pool for an afternoon of chilling out, swimming and steam room-ing. It’s been a fantastic last day of London holiday with mum. I’m going to missContinue reading “10/10/21 – Cultured day out”

05/10/21 – Sunset commutes

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m not complaining! Greeted by this gorgeous view as I waited for my train home tonight. London is getting chillier but also a lot wetter these last couple weeks. I however really love the seasons so my big boots are out and I’m ready to go!

22/09/21 – What good friends do

We had gorgeous Autumnal weather today in London. I was back in the office as I had dinner plans near St Paul’s with the lovely Liv! We had amazing vegan burgers and nattered the evening away. Another day where I fall asleep just so grateful for my wonderful friends.

13/07/21 – Big day out!

I finally went back to the London office today! It was really fun, especially as the commute was exceptionally quiet and the view from the new office are stunning. After work I went for dinner and drinks with Mariana. This photo was the view from our table which was pretty spectacular! We even got toContinue reading “13/07/21 – Big day out!”

12/06/21 – Lunch out with Liv

I’ve had just the nicest day today! I got the train into London Bridge and then walked half an hour to Spittlefields in the glorious sunshine to have lunch with Liv. We had such a nice time and it was so great to be back in central London again. After all that I got aContinue reading “12/06/21 – Lunch out with Liv”

31/05/21 – Hot day in the city

It wasn’t that hard to convince myself I was on a summer holiday today. London was so hot with clear blue skies, we had an incredible lunch out, then wine in the sunshine and a gorgeous walk through London. I made sure to bask in it as it’ll be a day to remember for manyContinue reading “31/05/21 – Hot day in the city”

02/04/21 – Out on my bike!

After a few hours of moping around the house feeling a bit glum and sorry for myself, I decided my time would be better spent out on my bike getting some fresh air. So after nearly three months out of the saddle, I pumped up my tires, popped on my helmet and gave my bumContinue reading “02/04/21 – Out on my bike!”