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13/04/19 – Theatre day trip — Apr 14, 2019

13/04/19 – Theatre day trip

Rach came up to London for the day today! We went to see Mousetrap as a birthday present to each other. It was very good, short, but also quite funny. And today’s show was around their 27,000th; the longest running show in West End.

A couple snaps of the sunset and it was time to get the bus home. Short and sweet, but a lovely day out.

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28/03/19 – Treat yo’self! — Mar 28, 2019

28/03/19 – Treat yo’self!

I ran 8.5 miles to work again today and absolutely smashed it! I’m really enjoying my running recently and excited to get some longer runs in soon.

After work I walked to Levi’s Regent Street via Carnaby Street to get some snazzy 501s with my birthday money! I’m in love with them and so happy to treat myself for once.

10/03/19 – Bye bye Rome — Mar 10, 2019

10/03/19 – Bye bye Rome

Off we go, back to London!

We woke up with incredibly tired feet this morning. But after a three mile walk to the station via the scenic route, we were on our way home. I’ve had such a lovely long weekend with Nic exploring Rome, I’m just sad it’s over so quickly!

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