22/10/21 – Freedom Friday

After finishing off a bit of freelance work this morning, Nic and I headed to Bromley for the afternoon! We went to GBK for a cheeky burger and then picked up a couple bits and bobs in the town. It’s day two of leaving my last job and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve had a wonderfulContinue reading “22/10/21 – Freedom Friday”

19/09/21 – Cold food diet…

With the electric out on our entire bottom floor for what looks like the next two months, it’s time to get creative with salads (and takeaways, let’s be real here). So far I’m not complaining as I loved our dinner tonight (and the cheeky Sunday lunch we went to the pub for)! And on topContinue reading “19/09/21 – Cold food diet…”

14/08/21 – Blackberry picking (stealing)

We have a few bramble branches poking through our neighbour’s fences either side of our garden… It’s this time of year this suddenly starts to pay off! I’ve been nibbling on them for the last week but today I managed to get a little bowl full and there still more left – woo hoo!

01/08/21 – Sunday salads

A nice salad, a long walk and a chance to paint my nails. It’s a classic Sunday for me! And one that was very much enjoyed. Covid numbers are going down in the UK and I have my second vaccine tomorrow! It feels like life is definitely getting more and more back to normal, andContinue reading “01/08/21 – Sunday salads”