22/07/16 – Working pancakes!

I had a doctors appointment today so had to work from home. It’s quite the treat as I got to make pancakes for my breakfast before starting my work, lovely! Couple that with a lunchtime Pokemon walk and then fajitas with Nic and I’m having a wonderful day!

13/07/16 – Homemade pizza night!

The most delicious evening of the week, pizza night! We used our last batch of dough and it was the best use yet. We went super cheesy this time and had no regrets in doing so! The perfect mid-week treat for a lovely, calm Wednesday.

03/06/16 – Thaiday night dinner

It’s Friday! The end of the longest four day working week in history (for both of us anyhow). But what style Nic and I have ended it in! Tonight we went for an incredible 12 dish tasting menu at The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia, courtesy of my boss as a birthday present to both meContinue reading “03/06/16 – Thaiday night dinner”

02/06/16 – Pudding for dinner

Yorkshire pudding that is! I’m having a quiet week this week and bloody loving it, though for blog content it’s not a good thing to have a quiet week… Highlight of today was Nic making his incredible veggie toad in the hole for dinner, as it’s always so delicious. That’s definitely the height of myContinue reading “02/06/16 – Pudding for dinner”

30/05/16 – Homemade bank holiday pizza!

Nic and I have had quite the successful day today! We tided the kitchen, did a massive food shop, and then made homemade pizza from scratch. The pizza was our best yet as it was thin, crispy and delicious! I’ve have had such a lovely and productive bank holiday weekend. There’s nothing like a threeContinue reading “30/05/16 – Homemade bank holiday pizza!”

27/05/16 – Tapas and Gin tests!

Yay it’s Friday, and the start of a highly awaited long weekend! It has all begun with a trip to a tapas bar with our friends Jess and Damien, so I’m pretty sure we’re in for a good one if that’s anything to go by. Swiftly after that incredible meal, we went onto a ginContinue reading “27/05/16 – Tapas and Gin tests!”

10/05/16 – Meaty meet ups with #emailgeeks

This evening had been delicious and brilliant as I’ve been eating steak with Sharon at Flat Iron on Denmark Street. Wonderful conversation with an equally wonderful steak and sides. Life is so great when you have such good friends to share it with. The storm hasn’t kicked off yet at work but the wind isContinue reading “10/05/16 – Meaty meet ups with #emailgeeks”

23/04/16 – Saturday in Soho

We’ve had a lovely and busy day today! After a relaxing time at home this morning, Nic and I headed to a house viewing just south of Greenwich then headed into London for lunch and ice cream before finally going for drinks for a mates birthday in Soho! See, busy but fun!