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20/05/20 – Dinner time! — May 20, 2020
17/05/20 – Dessert of champs — May 17, 2020

17/05/20 – Dessert of champs

I’ve rediscovered butterscotch sauce and my life is so much better now.

Today Nic and I went on a lovely 6 mile walk around our local area. Mostly nosing at the big houses and gardens and smelling all the amazing roses. After that it was a chilled out day with movie and snacks to finish.

11/05/20 – Fancy deserts — May 11, 2020
08/05/20 – BBQ Time! — May 8, 2020

08/05/20 – BBQ Time!

Is it even a bank holiday weekend if you don’t have a BBQ? Nic and I went for a lovely cycle today in the sunshine. In the afternoon we had a gorgeous dinner whilst the sunset. I’m so happy for this beautiful weather we’re having.

27/04/20 – Milkshakes! — Apr 27, 2020

27/04/20 – Milkshakes!

I went on a little cycle jaunt this morning to check my bike was still happy. It was a lovely way to wake up for the day. After work and dinner I made nutella and banana milkshakes to use up some over ripe bananas. It was a complete hit as you can see! What a nice Monday.

26/04/20 – 10 miles and a BBQ — Apr 26, 2020
24/04/20 – The perfect WFH lunch — Apr 24, 2020