05/05/21 – ALL the weather

Today there were blue skies, hail stones, heavy rain and blustery gails. After a fancy lunch of dippy eggs and asparagus, I went to my first ever book club at work! It was really fun and made me think a lot deeper about the book than I’d previously done. I got slightly hooked on howContinue reading “05/05/21 – ALL the weather”

08/04/21 – Decanting time

Our latest GoodClub order arrived today. It’s a zero waste service we’ve been using. You get things delivered in tubs, decant them out and then return all the tubs and packaging. I do it because it’s great for the environment, but I do also super enjoy doing all the decanting and seeing the results onContinue reading “08/04/21 – Decanting time”

15/03/21 – Fresh pasta dinner

Nic whipped up the pasta we bought from the market for dinner tonight! He made a sage butter sauce to go with it. The whole thing was very rich so we added some lemon to help cut through. Definitely a success but one we won’t be having every Monday for fear of getting gout. OtherContinue reading “15/03/21 – Fresh pasta dinner”

16/02/21 – Pancakes and saying goodbye to social media

Today is shrove Tuesday! We had pancakes for our pudding tonight and they were lush. For Lent I’m attempting to abstain from social media (not including my blogs!). I think it’ll be hard, but good for me. I’m finding myself getting more and more wound up by terrible people on the internet, so it’s timeContinue reading “16/02/21 – Pancakes and saying goodbye to social media”

01/02/21 – It’s February, baby!

A little bit achy today but much better than yesterday! It’s finally February after the year that was January… We’ve cracked open the mini eggs so that’s kept me happy. Also managed to do three miles of walking today so that’s good too! I’m really trying hard to get into more of a routine andContinue reading “01/02/21 – It’s February, baby!”

29/01/21 – Belated Christmas gift!

Nic and I are both contracting for the same company at the moment and yesterday we received belated Christmas gifts from them! Two smart mugs! You can control the temperature you want your drink to stay at from the app and it stays hot. I’ve now used it for multiple cups of peppermint tea andContinue reading “29/01/21 – Belated Christmas gift!”