20/10/22 – Breakfast fun!

For the first time in a long time, Nic and I went out for breakfast before work! We’ve struggled to do it recently as we’re just not used to the early starts and Nic is rarely needed in the office. But today we headed out to the wonderfully named, Eggslut. You heard. It was aContinue reading “20/10/22 – Breakfast fun!”

09/10/22 – Imposter bacon!

Nic and I decided to order breakfast in this morning. We both got veggie orders and look what snuck in! Nic gets really ill when he eats meat so we swapped and it was okay, but still, who would order a veggie breakfast but with bacon?! After all that excitement I spent the rest ofContinue reading “09/10/22 – Imposter bacon!”

03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat

I ran 7 miles this morning in the 25 degree heat and very quickly regretted it. It was too hot for me to run and I got badly dehydrated. I then didn’t eat at all until 5pm so it was all a bit mismanaged. But when I did eat I started with this bad boyContinue reading “03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat”

11/08/22 – Team night out

I had a lovely night out tonight with some of the people in my current client team. After a long week so far at work it was lovely to unwind with some drinks and pizza near work. I feel like I say it all the time but London is HOT right now and I’m reallyContinue reading “11/08/22 – Team night out”

03/08/22 – Vegan dinner out

I headed into the office today for a day of mostly meetings… But after work I got to have dinner with the loveliest Corinne! We ate at En Root, a vegan Indian restaurant and it was all things delicious. I had a really nice evening with Corinne followed by a lovely sunset bus ride homeContinue reading “03/08/22 – Vegan dinner out”

29/06/22 – Treat lunch!

It was Nic’s turn to go to the office today! Which meant I had the house to myself for the day and free reign of what to get for lunch. I ended up getting this egg mayo and sweetcorn sandwich from a local cafe he’s not too keen on. It was delicious! Not the mostContinue reading “29/06/22 – Treat lunch!”

07/04/22 – All aboard the fit train!

Trying to get back in the saddle a bit with my health as it’s been a bit slacking this last year! Today I ran 10k before work and was very pleased with how it went. I was a lot faster than I have been recently and only stopped running twice I think which is theContinue reading “07/04/22 – All aboard the fit train!”