19/01/21 – Tofu Tuesday

Latching onto the little things… Made some progress today at work on my latest project. Then this evening popped to Sainsbury’s to get some cake ingredients and veggies for Nic’s birthday! Had a gorgeous stir fry for dinner then a nice zoom chat with some friends. Eye is still twitching like mad though, possibly dueContinue reading “19/01/21 – Tofu Tuesday”

17/01/21 – Cycle and an egg!

Today’s weather was too good to miss out on so I hoped on my bike for a trip via Central London! I stopped off at tower Bridge to eat my first creme egg of the season then headed back home again. It was wonderful to get out into the sunshine and see London for theContinue reading “17/01/21 – Cycle and an egg!”

26/12/20 – Traditional boxing day…

I did exceptionally little today. I played Minecraft for about five hours then ate choccies and watched Unorthodox on Netflix (would totally recommend!). Nic and I did make another batch of roasties today though to eat with the leftovers, they somehow were even better than yesterday’s! I’m feeling very trapped in this house right nowContinue reading “26/12/20 – Traditional boxing day…”

15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown

With ten days to go until Christmas, the UK is apprehensive about a potential change to the “Christmas bubble” situation the government are trying to organise. I’ve already got a plan together with my mum and sister about how we can meet and not break the law (what a crazy sentence) I just hope thatContinue reading “15/12/20 – Christmas Countdown”

10/12/20 – Homemade tikka paneer

A before oven shot of our tikka paneer we made this evening. We had it with a naan and dhal and it was bloody delcious. Slowly but surely trying more things in the kitchen and this is definitely a keeper, we just need to refine the spices a bit – get more confident!

19/11/20 – Tofu time!

I had to get a bit it resourceful this evening when it came to pressing tofu for our dinner… Ended up using a bunch of heavy cookbooks and topped it off with a spider plant, poor thing didn’t stand a chance! We made sweet and sour stir fry but the sauce was only okay. IContinue reading “19/11/20 – Tofu time!”

26/10/20 – More veggies please!

Today is a good day as my headaches seem to be dissipating! I’m trying my best to relax more, drink loads of water and consciously eat a bit better. More veggies as on the list for today, and the sun came out to show it’s approval. After dinner it was another technology free evening forContinue reading “26/10/20 – More veggies please!”

18/10/20 – Feeling groggy

I’ve got a right cold! I’ve finally bitten the bullet and stayed home all day today. I’ve read a lot of my new book, napped for two hours, had a bath and made a delcious dinner with help from Nic. Feeling pretty sorry for myself most of the day though… I’m hoping a good sleepContinue reading “18/10/20 – Feeling groggy”