07/04/22 – All aboard the fit train!

Trying to get back in the saddle a bit with my health as it’s been a bit slacking this last year! Today I ran 10k before work and was very pleased with how it went. I was a lot faster than I have been recently and only stopped running twice I think which is theContinue reading “07/04/22 – All aboard the fit train!”

16/03/22 – Chinese cooking class

Tonight Nic and I went to a vegetarian Chinese cooking class at School of Wok! It was my birthday present to him and we both really enjoyed it. We learnt to make four different dishes and it was great fun. I also got way better at my knife skills and lots of tips around ChineseContinue reading “16/03/22 – Chinese cooking class”

28/02/22 – What’s in the fridge?

As we prepare for a wee trip to Wales it’s time to do a sweep of the fridge! We’re not away for long, but we do need to make a creative pudding to use up all the yoghurt and fruit! Yum yum yum. I got a huge amount of work done today, so I’m feelingContinue reading “28/02/22 – What’s in the fridge?”

24/02/22 – Thanks, ice cream

Wise words from a tub of ice cream this evening… I went into the office so I could meet Rach for lunch today! That was really lovely, we had chip shop chips which felt very cheeky for a Thursday. This week had felt exceptionally long and I’m excited for it to end, I won’t lie.Continue reading “24/02/22 – Thanks, ice cream”

22/02/22 – Grumpy salad

I’m a right grumpy goose today. Fed up with everything and anything. So right now it’s 10pm and I’m already in bed about to read for a bit before sleeping. A highlight of today was this cracking salad I put together, so that’s good. And Nic and I had a nice walk after work. Here’sContinue reading “22/02/22 – Grumpy salad”

08/02/22 – So many choices…

It’s honestly one of my favourite parts of being back in the office for a few days a week – the lunches!! My new job is right nextdoor to Spittlefields Market so there’s just an unbelievable amount of choice from there and the surrounding areas. Today I spotted this dedicated crumble shop! If this isContinue reading “08/02/22 – So many choices…”

25/11/21 – Winter sunshine lunch

Drove to meet Corinne for lunch today! We went to the food market near her flat and ate in the glorious winter sunshine. It was about 4 degrees so certainly nippy, but we were wrapped up and ready for it that’s for sure! Finally got the rest of the house sorted today and our newContinue reading “25/11/21 – Winter sunshine lunch”

22/10/21 – Freedom Friday

After finishing off a bit of freelance work this morning, Nic and I headed to Bromley for the afternoon! We went to GBK for a cheeky burger and then picked up a couple bits and bobs in the town. It’s day two of leaving my last job and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve had a wonderfulContinue reading “22/10/21 – Freedom Friday”

19/09/21 – Cold food diet…

With the electric out on our entire bottom floor for what looks like the next two months, it’s time to get creative with salads (and takeaways, let’s be real here). So far I’m not complaining as I loved our dinner tonight (and the cheeky Sunday lunch we went to the pub for)! And on topContinue reading “19/09/21 – Cold food diet…”