05/11/17 – Banging Sunday

A much calmer day today – Nic went into town to drop his parents off at the station whilst I stayed at home to catch up a bit with life. We later on headed out to Crystal Palace park to see their huge fireworks display. I couldn’t recommend it enough, it’s always so impressive!

22/09/17 – Limited view

This is it, counting down the days until we move into our new home! It’s so exciting that I can actually talk about it! We’re just so excited. Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to our faithful London sky view, and hello to our new garden view! Eeeee!

14/08/17 – Warmer nights!

We’re actually sleeping with the window open tonight. That may sound like a mundane thing to note but this August has been pretty miserable so far weather wise so the fact it’s warm enough for the window to be open is a real break through! Not much else to report on today cycled, worked, cycled,Continue reading “14/08/17 – Warmer nights!”

22/04/17 – Dartmoor Stargazing

I finally got to play with long exposure on my new camera! Nic and I headed out to Dartmoor  at 9pm after spending the day there in the sunshine. This was a 60 second shot over Haytor. We surprised some ponies and a couple foxes, and got very cold hands but it was worth it!

15/04/17 – Wier having a great time

Wier, we’re gettit? Anywho, I’ve had a great but busy day today! Breakfast with David, my old Newport housemate, and his lovely girlfriend, then onto the naming ceremony (the reason why I’m back in Cardiff), followed by a nice walk with mum and Roland to get some photos with my nutral density filter, finally finishedContinue reading “15/04/17 – Wier having a great time”