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20/06/19 – Bye bye tree — Jun 20, 2019
12/03/19 – Stormy night — Mar 12, 2019

12/03/19 – Stormy night

It’s creepy out there tonight… It hasn’t stopped blowing a gail since Sunday and tonight’s no different. Very pleased I worked from home today as not only did I get a lot done, I also avoided the horrific storm we had! Slightly nervous about cycling in tomorrow though.

14/12/18 – London is freeeezing — Dec 14, 2018

14/12/18 – London is freeeezing

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I had quite the hangover today. Luckily I spent it in the office with some of my favourite colleagues and a pizza which 100% lessened the blow.

After work I walked down to meet Nic, snapping this photo on the way. It was worth all the shivering I did waiting for it to develop.

02/12/18 – The tree is up! — Dec 2, 2018
03/11/18 – Bonfire night! — Nov 4, 2018

03/11/18 – Bonfire night!

We’ve had a busy day today! We got a load of shopping done in town before heading straight to Bromley for a bonfire party. It was a lovely day seeing so many of our beautiful friends. And what day isn’t also made better by sparklers and huge fireworks?!

26/10/18 – Good night! — Oct 26, 2018

26/10/18 – Good night!

I was up at 5.25am this morning to do a driving favour for a close friend. I managed to be back in bed by 7.30 for a quick hours kip before I had to start work. Today has felt long because of this weird start, but I wouldn’t have it any other way if it meant not being there for my friends when they needed me.

10/10/18 – Star trails! — Oct 10, 2018