28/06/16 – It’s my life

When your life starts to feel a bit uncertain, I feel like it’s the best opportunity to start making the most of it! Because sometimes you have to work hard for happiness, and that’s okay. That’s my mantra for the evening and it ties in nicely with my photo! This evening, myself and a fewContinue reading “28/06/16 – It’s my life”

26/05/16 – #Glugoff Designers vs Coders

This week has been completely non-stop! Another night out tonight but a career based one this time (though there was still beer). Myself and two colleagues went to Glug London’s Tech Off in East London. It was really good, like nothing I’ve been to before. There was a series of talks each limited to 5Continue reading “26/05/16 – #Glugoff Designers vs Coders”

06/05/16 – Virtual reality evening

The future is absolutely insane! Nic and I have spent the evening testing out loads of different virtual realities from painting and roller coasters to museums and helicopter flights! It’s been an exceptional evening and our minds have been blown, if you ever get the chance to try it out, 100% go for it, it’sContinue reading “06/05/16 – Virtual reality evening”

26/04/16 – Blue skies and #NicerTuesdays

Today I have seen blue skies, rain, hail and even a snow shower… The weather in London has been really crazy! After work my colleague Sam and I went to #NicerTuesdays, an event in Shoreditch where various creative speakers come to talk about a variety of topics. It was a really interesting evening, I wouldContinue reading “26/04/16 – Blue skies and #NicerTuesdays”