01/12/21 – Les Mis again!

I loved it so much after I first saw it I straight away booked tickets to see it again, and this time front row! Today was just lovely! Mum has arrived ready for our Florida trip, so we had a lovely late lunch together in town, then I had some time to kill before headingContinue reading “01/12/21 – Les Mis again!”

06/11/21 – Friends and fireworks!

I’ve had just the loveliest day with Fiona and her gorgeous family. We went for a forest walk, then this evening to a fireworks show where we had pizza and mulled wine. It’s been so fantastic to have a proper catch up and just constantly natter the last 24 hours away! VERY excited to seeContinue reading “06/11/21 – Friends and fireworks!”

17/08/21 – Day two away

Another full on day, but today with added Go Karting! Had a lush time and even came seventh overall out of all 26th of us so I’m very pleased with that! And yes, I did manage to get up for my run and swim, smug much? We’ll see how that pans out tomorrow for roundContinue reading “17/08/21 – Day two away”

09/08/21 – Back to theatre!

I cannot explain how much of a good night I’ve had tonight. After 18 months I have finally made it back into a theatre and I’m just oh so happy. And no only that, it was a hilarious show that made me beam ear to ear AND we went to dishoom after! The best MondayContinue reading “09/08/21 – Back to theatre!”

26/03/21 – More birthday celebrations!

I went for a birthday picnic with Corinne today in the rain! It’s wonderful to have friends that will embrace life no matter what elements are thrown at you. Then this evening it was my zoom birthday party with the girls! It was so much fun. They sent me cocktails and we talked for hours.Continue reading “26/03/21 – More birthday celebrations!”

17/12/20 – Zoom bash

Today was my work’s online Christmas party (due to covid we obviously can’t meet up). Nic and I are working at the same company right now so it was super fun having him for company all day through it. The whole thing ended up being really enjoyable! We made mulled wine with whatever we hadContinue reading “17/12/20 – Zoom bash”

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour!

Mum and I went on a vineyard tour today in Wales’ oldest vineyard! It was so interesting, I learnt a lot about wine making and got to meet some adorable llamas and very small sheep (so they can eat the grass but not reach the grapes!). It was a gorgeous day out with the sunContinue reading “13/09/20 – Vineyard tour!”