06/01/23 – Bingo night out

The intention this evening was to have a curry and play some bingo with Andy and Georgie, however unfortunately bingo shut at 9pm due to low numbers. So… we went to the pub and chatted instead! It was a really fun evening and has already made the weekend feel so long which is exactly whatContinue reading “06/01/23 – Bingo night out”

20/12/22 – Trip home!

We’ve made it to Cardiff and I’ve finished work! I’m so happy and ready to relax. My break started off wonderfully with an open mic night with my mum and her partner. They were so good, I even cried at one song it was so great. A proper good evening after a long (but lovely)Continue reading “20/12/22 – Trip home!”

27/06/22 – Monday date night!

Nic and I went on an impromptu date night tonight to see Top Gun after work. It was my idea as I saw all the rave reviews and we ended up both absolutely loving it! We would highly recommend seeing it, even if you’ve not seen the first (I hadn’t but I will now!). WhatContinue reading “27/06/22 – Monday date night!”

31/03/22 – Seeing lots of CATS

I’ve had a really fun day today! I went into the office and had a really productive day, a lovely lunch and then fun work drinks as a belated Christmas party. After a couple hours of the drinks (and pizza!) I went to see a colleague perform in an amateur production of CATS and thatContinue reading “31/03/22 – Seeing lots of CATS”

16/03/22 – Chinese cooking class

Tonight Nic and I went to a vegetarian Chinese cooking class at School of Wok! It was my birthday present to him and we both really enjoyed it. We learnt to make four different dishes and it was great fun. I also got way better at my knife skills and lots of tips around ChineseContinue reading “16/03/22 – Chinese cooking class”

12/03/22 – Micro rave!

We went to see Nic’s mate play at a micro rave in a warehouse tonight. It was really fun, like nothing I’ve ever been to before. The place had arcade machines where you could play for free, with some clear regulars being phenomenal at Dance Dance Revolution. After a great night we finally made itContinue reading “12/03/22 – Micro rave!”

10/03/22 – IWD comedy night!

I went into the office today, had pints after work with colleagues and then went to a stand up gig with friends! It’s safe to say this was a pretty great day. The gig had a line up of all women and they were hilarious. It’s made me really want to see a lot moreContinue reading “10/03/22 – IWD comedy night!”

09/02/22 – Back in the theater!

I’m one very tired but happy chappy! Nic and I went to see The Shark is Broken tonight. We really enjoyed it but definitely enjoyed it even more after we did a bit more Jaws research after the performance. I’m very tired from this week, and excited to finally get a decent sleep tonight andContinue reading “09/02/22 – Back in the theater!”