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05/03/20 – Theatre Thursday — Mar 5, 2020
21/02/20 – Lion King Return — Feb 21, 2020
16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip — Feb 16, 2020

16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip

What better thing to do on the second day of the half term when it’s raining than go to one of the main museums in London of course!

Luckily I go there quite early, so even though I was quite damp from the journey in, I at least didn’t have to queue. The queue a couple hours later was massive! All in all a very cold and wet day, but with some culture in the middle of it all.

05/02/20 – Steph date evening! — Feb 5, 2020
16/01/20 – She’s alive (just) — Jan 16, 2020

16/01/20 – She’s alive (just)

After waking up and feeling atrocious still, I rang the doctor for another appointment this morning. I luckily got one just after 10am. I was then given steroids for my chest and told to start taking them as soon as I got home (all six that I have to take in one go each day!)

After sleeping away the rest of the day, I woke up at 5pm feeling so much better. So much better in fact I made it to the play that we couldn’t cancel the tickets for! I coughed my way through due to laughter but I’m so pleased I went. After feeling quite down and very ill recently, it was just what I needed. Now, to tackle being back at work tomorrow!

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