11/10/21 – Morning at the office

Stunning views this from the office at 9am. But before I even got there I had already had a lovely morning! Buffet breakfast with mum and Nic at the hotel – yum yum. Quick cuddles with mum before I headed off for the tube. What a fab weekend we’ve had being tourists in London. I’mContinue reading “11/10/21 – Morning at the office”

10/10/21 – Cultured day out

We went to the V&A museum today. It was again surprisingly quiet, so made for a lovely early afternoon of meandering around. After that we went to the hotel’s pool for an afternoon of chilling out, swimming and steam room-ing. It’s been a fantastic last day of London holiday with mum. I’m going to missContinue reading “10/10/21 – Cultured day out”

22/09/21 – What good friends do

We had gorgeous Autumnal weather today in London. I was back in the office as I had dinner plans near St Paul’s with the lovely Liv! We had amazing vegan burgers and nattered the evening away. Another day where I fall asleep just so grateful for my wonderful friends.

20/09/21 – A lovely day out

I’m still on holiday! For just two more days but I need to make them count. Today I went on a day out with my friend Nat and her baby. We visited a castle and gardens and it was just gorgeous. We smelled the roses, had a lovely lunch, ate grapes off the vine… IContinue reading “20/09/21 – A lovely day out”

13/07/21 – Big day out!

I finally went back to the London office today! It was really fun, especially as the commute was exceptionally quiet and the view from the new office are stunning. After work I went for dinner and drinks with Mariana. This photo was the view from our table which was pretty spectacular! We even got toContinue reading “13/07/21 – Big day out!”

19/02/21 – Friday lunchtime!

Nic finished his contract today at work, so we went to Crystal Palace to celebrate with a fancy sandwich! We took a little walk whilst waiting, it was lovely to properly get out the house at lunch. Then this evening I finished Anne Frank’s diary. I properly cried, how can you not? But her wordsContinue reading “19/02/21 – Friday lunchtime!”