11/02/23 – Long walk day

Today Nic and I walked seven miles to Battersea Power Station, and quite speedily at that as we were so hungry and ready for a pint and chips at the end! It ended up being one of our fastest walks! And the chips were incredible. We then just had a mooch around the power stationContinue reading “11/02/23 – Long walk day”

18/01/23 – A brisk and sunny day

I made it in, and back again! I cycled 20 miles in minus degrees with only cold toes and fingertips, so I’ll take that as a win. Tomorrow I’m hopefully running in if everything goes to plan. My main fear is ice, which may cause me to bail out and get the bus, but I’mContinue reading “18/01/23 – A brisk and sunny day”

14/06/22 – Sunny Cycle

I’m absolutely loving how much I’m managing to be active recently. Today I cycled into the office and loved every second of it! Surprisingly my average speed was faster on the way home despite it being hillier. I just went for it and really enjoyed myself. I took this photo on the way in asContinue reading “14/06/22 – Sunny Cycle”

04/05/22 – Wet East London

I had a bit of a stressful day at work today so I decided to get the bus home to give me time to chill out with my audio book and decompress. It really did the trick and the rain made it extra dramatic. I find bus rides really calming, especially with a good book,Continue reading “04/05/22 – Wet East London”

21/04/22 – Sunny cycling

Back on the bike again after fixing it up last weekend! I really enjoyed my cycle into and back from the office today. I just took my time and enjoyed the wonderful weather we’re having at the moment. I’m definitely happier to be on two wheels when it’s not dark, wet and windy that’s forContinue reading “21/04/22 – Sunny cycling”

12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!

We went out on a date this evening! We’ve been reminiscing about how wonderful it was in Lisbon being able to be in a bar before 6pm, but then realised we can do that at home if we want. So after work we went for a walk to Crystal Palace to get a gin andContinue reading “12/04/22 – Tuesday cocktails!”

07/02/22 – Into the office

Day one of three in the office this week! It’s like prepandemic, though I’m still managing to entirely avoid peak-time public transport… Today I was back on the bike again for a speedy trip in and a fair old slog home, I think that’s starting to be the normal pattern, at least until this southContinue reading “07/02/22 – Into the office”