13/07/21 – Big day out!

I finally went back to the London office today! It was really fun, especially as the commute was exceptionally quiet and the view from the new office are stunning. After work I went for dinner and drinks with Mariana. This photo was the view from our table which was pretty spectacular! We even got toContinue reading “13/07/21 – Big day out!”

19/02/21 – Friday lunchtime!

Nic finished his contract today at work, so we went to Crystal Palace to celebrate with a fancy sandwich! We took a little walk whilst waiting, it was lovely to properly get out the house at lunch. Then this evening I finished Anne Frank’s diary. I properly cried, how can you not? But her wordsContinue reading “19/02/21 – Friday lunchtime!”

12/02/20 – Another sunny morning

Another gorgeous day in London today, with a beautiful orange glow from the sun in the morning when I snapped this photo. I went on another cheeky breakfast outing today but this time with my colleagues. I’ve been stuffed to the gills this week but it’s not over just yet!

11/02/20 – Calm Covent Garden

Nic and I went for a lovely pre-work breakfast in Balthazar this morning. We arrived a bit early so went for a wander around the market to bask in the novelty of it being completely deserted. Quiet and calm is seldom a description for one of the busiest tourist spots in London!

01/02/20 – The British Museum

Nic and I have had a lovely day out with his mum and dad today. They drove down to see him as it was his birthday last week which was really nice! We went to the British Museum, for lunch and then finally a drink at the Royal Opera House. It was chilly but aContinue reading “01/02/20 – The British Museum”