04/08/21 – Garden visitor!

We had our dinner in the garden this evening as it was so warm, and look who came to join us! We’ve let our garden go a bit wild this year. Part of me hates it but the other part of me loves how happy all the wildlife is in it! Yesterday morning we hadContinue reading “04/08/21 – Garden visitor!”

24/07/21 – Making new friends!

I made friends with this lovely lady today at Moira’s birthday party! She made for an excellent leg warmer once the sun set (the dog, not Moira). It was a lovely evening with our wonderful friends. We ate amazing Canadian themed BBQ food and nattered for hours with everyone while the sun unexpectedly shone downContinue reading “24/07/21 – Making new friends!”

04/06/21 – First vaccination!

It’s been done! My first vaccination for covid. It took over two and a half hours from leaving the house to getting home but it’s done! My arm is very achy now but apart from that I’m feeling fine, so fingers crossed it doesn’t hit me like a ton of bricks tomorrow… Apart from that,Continue reading “04/06/21 – First vaccination!”