23/06/22 – Creepy crawlies

Started today off with a one mile swim (as if I can say that now!) Then after work I walked down to Crystal Palace for a massage and spotted this humongous beetle on the ground. It was seriously about 4cm long! No thank you. I think I’d cry if it got into our house… That’sContinue reading “23/06/22 – Creepy crawlies”

08/06/22 – More cat friends

I was a bit grumpy today as I think I have a huge post holiday come down after we’re now officially back from both New York and Ireland. I need more plans and fun things to look forward to. Next on the list is mum visiting though which should be really fun. We did goContinue reading “08/06/22 – More cat friends”

11/05/22 – Another day, another cat

We went on a lovely post dinner walk tonight after the rain had finally cleared and the sun was starting to set. This grumpy cat made me laugh as we walked past, “keep on walking…” it seemed to say, and that we did. I think because it’s been raining all day all the neighborhood catsContinue reading “11/05/22 – Another day, another cat”

10/05/22 – Spot the cat

Another cheeky 5k run this morning! Not bad but also not great. My legs were so tired for the hill and I just couldn’t seem to garner any energy back after that point. So I’m now going to take a couple days of rest before getting back into it again. After work Nic and IContinue reading “10/05/22 – Spot the cat”

26/04/22 – Into the office!

Lovely day in the office today with my project team mates. We even went out for lunch together! How very 2019 of us. The weather was wonderful and I even managed to make it a productive day work wise. To top it all off I got my hair cut as well! Lovely day all roundContinue reading “26/04/22 – Into the office!”

14/04/22 – Garden visitor

Nic and I finally sorted the garden out a bit this evening! We mowed the lawn, cut back two very overgrown trees, planted lots of wild flower seeds into our new bee friendly area and just did some general tidying. It’s already looking a lot better. We later on had a visitor come to checkContinue reading “14/04/22 – Garden visitor”

30/03/22 – Little IKEA friend

I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for my work load, so things are looking up! This evening Nic and I popped to IKEA to pick up something and have a cheeky veggie meatball dinner. Yum yum yum. I then painted my nails and did a covid test in preparation for headingContinue reading “30/03/22 – Little IKEA friend”

15/03/22 – Little cat friend

This is our new cat friend that waits for us when we go on evening walks after work. It runs over the road for pets and is so vocal! I’m heading into the office tomorrow and am very excited for the change of scenery. I feel like I’m fatiguing from working from home recently… ItContinue reading “15/03/22 – Little cat friend”

12/02/22 – Chilly bird walk

I’ve had a really lovely day with Nic. It started out with me getting 100% completion on Stardew Valley, woo hoo! We then went for a really nice (if cold!) walk where we saw lots of different types of birds and bought some bird feed to give to the ducks. It was such a calmingContinue reading “12/02/22 – Chilly bird walk”