09/12/21 – Gator Day!

Today is our last full day in Florida and it was a big one! We went to see lots and lots of alligators, including a boat ride to get incredibly close too. The weather was stunning as after that we went to the beach, saw dolphins, watched the sun set then went home for aContinue reading “09/12/21 – Gator Day!”

06/12/21 – A much calmer day

After yesterday’s busy day out, today we took it all a lot easier. We went to the hotel pool for a bit before heading back to Sarasota, I even had a cheeky nap in the car! The rest of the day was spent lazing in the pool followed by dinner at a French Bistro. ToldContinue reading “06/12/21 – A much calmer day”

04/12/21 – Winter walks

Winter walks have an entirely different feel though when it’s 25 degrees out! Whilst we meandered the long way around the lake to get lunch today we saw this cormorant drying out their wings in the lovely sunshine. The whole scene felt very calming and quiet, which was pretty much the theme for today’s activities.

24/11/21 – Van day out!

Due to various mattress palavers recently, today we hired a van to take an old mattress to the recycling centre and a new one back to IKEA… It was right pain as the first van we got was too small for the new one (as we didn’t want to fold it and risk breaking it)Continue reading “24/11/21 – Van day out!”

08/11/21 – Devon day out

We went to the Shaldon Wildlife Trust today and met lots of adorable primates, including this little guy! Nic had the day off work so we went out for lunch, to the zoo and then for a walk along the beach and the town. I’m beyond happy to be back with him again, even thoughContinue reading “08/11/21 – Devon day out”

01/11/21 – Reunited with Cooper

It’s the beginning of week two of my seven week break from (full time) work and it’s already off to a great start. I got some freelance work done this morning on the sofa, that was lovely and calm just chilling out with mum whilst working. In the evening I popped over to my friendContinue reading “01/11/21 – Reunited with Cooper”

14/10/21 – Rude awakening

This poor moth had the fright of his life today when our window cleaners turned up! Quite excited to leave the house tomorrow as I’ve been cooped up for a couple days, only popping out for 15 mins today. Excited for the day off, and get some easy errands done. Let’s hope the weather isContinue reading “14/10/21 – Rude awakening”

17/09/21 – Bustling about

My feet were killing me after today! I’ve done so much walking these last few days and today was no different. We went to Bromley today to get a few things, that’s where I saw this very happy squirrel who had just found some chips in a bin! Then I went into town and walkedContinue reading “17/09/21 – Bustling about”

16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!

More on the tourist theme! Today we checked out of our hotel and went for a meander around the V&A. After that we headed over to The Sea Life Centre! We didn’t queue at all and the entire place was so quiet – we’ve been very lucky on the whole for queues. We saw someContinue reading “16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!”