04/06/21 – First vaccination!

It’s been done! My first vaccination for covid. It took over two and a half hours from leaving the house to getting home but it’s done! My arm is very achy now but apart from that I’m feeling fine, so fingers crossed it doesn’t hit me like a ton of bricks tomorrow… Apart from that,Continue reading “04/06/21 – First vaccination!”

13/05/21 – Milk thief!

Opened the door to find this rascal climbing up our milk this morning! What a naughty snail… I did feel a bit bad popping him back outside. Today was a productive day! I got a lot of work done and Nic and I went on not one but two lovely walks. It’s been a longContinue reading “13/05/21 – Milk thief!”

15/04/21 – Down by the water

There’s nothing quite like a sunset stroll to calm down after a busy day at work. And this evening, that’s just what mum and I did. We popped down the bay to walk on the waterfront for an hour just nattering away as the sun dipped below the horizon. I even managed to get someContinue reading “15/04/21 – Down by the water”

14/04/21 – A rustling friend

Back at work today! Kicked the day off with a 5km run, then a full day of designing without any meetings so it was abnormally productive! We then had Helen round tonight for an exceptional long overdue catch up in the garden. It was so wonderful nattering after so long. During the evening we heardContinue reading “14/04/21 – A rustling friend”

31/03/21 – Squirrelling about in the warmth

Busy day at work today but we managed to get out for a walk both lunchtime and after work as it’s so unseasonably warm right now. Thin jumper weather in march is always a welcomed treat! I took my new lens for a spin and got some lovely photos of squirrels in our local park.Continue reading “31/03/21 – Squirrelling about in the warmth”

28/03/21 – Windy day in

After an amazing sleep, I woke up today feeling super rested and chipper. We decided to still take today quite chill, and ended up staying in to relax a bit more before the week ahead. I did manage to play with my neeeeeeew telephoto lens though! Took a photo of this cute pigeon sat onContinue reading “28/03/21 – Windy day in”