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21/05/19 – Saying Bye Bye to Fae — May 22, 2019

21/05/19 – Saying Bye Bye to Fae

Fae has sold her furniture and she’s off to Barcelona! Today we went round her baron house for pizza and loads of laughs. Here’s me, Corinne and Ruby chilling out.

I’m going to Fae so much, but I’m not letting myself get sad as it’s just an excuse to go to sunny Spain more often!

13/05/19 – Hey there little guy — May 13, 2019

13/05/19 – Hey there little guy

Just as I was saying goodbye to mum to go ba to London (sad!) we saw this guy snuffling in the garden! It meant our sad goodbye after a wonderful weekend had a cute distraction to it.

I’ve had a really lush weekend back in Cardiff. I’m sad to say goodbye, but also excited to return to Nic. See you soon though, Mum! Xx