28/12/20 – Winter walks

Much chillier out today! And my first post Christmas walk with the lovely Nat (one on one walks are thankfully still allowed in tier 4!). We walked and battered for three hours around a forest in between our houses, which is amazing seeing as she’s 7 months pregnant! I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday.Continue reading “28/12/20 – Winter walks”

03/12/20 – Tiny fox repair

This little guy was on sale in Sainsbury’s as he had a split open coat sleeve. So I did what any sane person would do and bought him! This evening I sewed up his sleeve so he’s now ready and raring to go on the Christmas tree come Saturday! Isn’t he the cutest? And nowContinue reading “03/12/20 – Tiny fox repair”

09/11/20 – Parakeet watching

Today Nic and I made a pack lunch and went to the park to eat, just to shake things up a bit. We ended up watching these parakeets for about 15 minutes trying to work out what they were waiting for that was inside that hole… They kept fighting over it but it looked likeContinue reading “09/11/20 – Parakeet watching”