15/04/21 – Down by the water

There’s nothing quite like a sunset stroll to calm down after a busy day at work. And this evening, that’s just what mum and I did. We popped down the bay to walk on the waterfront for an hour just nattering away as the sun dipped below the horizon. I even managed to get someContinue reading “15/04/21 – Down by the water”

14/04/21 – A rustling friend

Back at work today! Kicked the day off with a 5km run, then a full day of designing without any meetings so it was abnormally productive! We then had Helen round tonight for an exceptional long overdue catch up in the garden. It was so wonderful nattering after so long. During the evening we heardContinue reading “14/04/21 – A rustling friend”

31/03/21 – Squirrelling about in the warmth

Busy day at work today but we managed to get out for a walk both lunchtime and after work as it’s so unseasonably warm right now. Thin jumper weather in march is always a welcomed treat! I took my new lens for a spin and got some lovely photos of squirrels in our local park.Continue reading “31/03/21 – Squirrelling about in the warmth”

28/03/21 – Windy day in

After an amazing sleep, I woke up today feeling super rested and chipper. We decided to still take today quite chill, and ended up staying in to relax a bit more before the week ahead. I did manage to play with my neeeeeeew telephoto lens though! Took a photo of this cute pigeon sat onContinue reading “28/03/21 – Windy day in”

17/03/21 – A new hobby!

I’ve fallen in love with cross stitching! I bought a kit from John Lewis a few months ago and only started it recently. It turned out to be really difficult but I still enjoyed it a lot. Now I’ve started work on my second one and as it’s an actual beginners piece I’m enjoying itContinue reading “17/03/21 – A new hobby!”

12/02/21 – Freezing day off

Nic and I took the day off work today. A day to recharge. We walked down to crystal Palace Park to get a jacket potato for lunch whilst watching the birds on the frozen lake. It sounds magical but it was freeeeeezing. We did have a lovely time though, and it certainly blew away someContinue reading “12/02/21 – Freezing day off”

11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow

The snow is starting to melt but not without a fight! It was -5 degrees here today which is cold for London. I’m enjoying seeing all the little footprints in the snow from all our little cat and fox visitors that we get in the garden. We have a high traffic route which due toContinue reading “11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow”

02/02/21 – Sing us a song

On our lunchtime walk today we could hear a robin singing but could not spot him anywhere, but knew he must be close he was so loud. Nic then pointed out the robin was about a meter just in front of us! We watched the little bird sing for about a minute, right close upContinue reading “02/02/21 – Sing us a song”

28/12/20 – Winter walks

Much chillier out today! And my first post Christmas walk with the lovely Nat (one on one walks are thankfully still allowed in tier 4!). We walked and battered for three hours around a forest in between our houses, which is amazing seeing as she’s 7 months pregnant! I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday.Continue reading “28/12/20 – Winter walks”