17/09/21 – Bustling about

My feet were killing me after today! I’ve done so much walking these last few days and today was no different. We went to Bromley today to get a few things, that’s where I saw this very happy squirrel who had just found some chips in a bin! Then I went into town and walkedContinue reading “17/09/21 – Bustling about”

16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!

More on the tourist theme! Today we checked out of our hotel and went for a meander around the V&A. After that we headed over to The Sea Life Centre! We didn’t queue at all and the entire place was so quiet – we’ve been very lucky on the whole for queues. We saw someContinue reading “16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!”

05/09/21 – Close encounter

Didn’t enjoy this start to my day! Going face to face with this guy… Today was a very relaxing day (apart from that first encounter). I bought a puzzle book and spent the majority of the day slowly working my way through it with my audio book playing. The only break I took was toContinue reading “05/09/21 – Close encounter”

04/08/21 – Garden visitor!

We had our dinner in the garden this evening as it was so warm, and look who came to join us! We’ve let our garden go a bit wild this year. Part of me hates it but the other part of me loves how happy all the wildlife is in it! Yesterday morning we hadContinue reading “04/08/21 – Garden visitor!”

24/07/21 – Making new friends!

I made friends with this lovely lady today at Moira’s birthday party! She made for an excellent leg warmer once the sun set (the dog, not Moira). It was a lovely evening with our wonderful friends. We ate amazing Canadian themed BBQ food and nattered for hours with everyone while the sun unexpectedly shone downContinue reading “24/07/21 – Making new friends!”