05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!

Nic and I finally managed a weekday evening walk in! We’ve been struggling a bit with both of our jobs being pretty full on. But the sun shined as we headed out for a lovely early evening walk. It’s already feeling a bit autumnal, the mushrooms were in full bloom and looked pretty spectacular. ThenContinue reading “05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!”

04/09/22 – Plant hospital

We got up on a Sunday morning and went to a garden centre… So it’s safe to say we’re officially growing older! But we did get a new pot and soil to do some house plant reshuffling. Kind of like how hermit crabs scale up their homes, that was the system I was going for.Continue reading “04/09/22 – Plant hospital”

03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat

I ran 7 miles this morning in the 25 degree heat and very quickly regretted it. It was too hot for me to run and I got badly dehydrated. I then didn’t eat at all until 5pm so it was all a bit mismanaged. But when I did eat I started with this bad boyContinue reading “03/09/22 – Lunch date with Nat”

01/09/22 – Recovery centre

My poor peace lily isn’t feeling too great so he’s gone in for a spa day in our bathroom. I think he’s suffering from over watering but I just wanted to check with a quick bottom water! It was actually a plant focused day today. After dinner Nic and I headed to Brixton to pickContinue reading “01/09/22 – Recovery centre”

31/08/22 – Last day of summer

Today is the last day of summer and who did we get a visit from right outside our house? The ice cream man! If only I wasn’t in a meeting when it turned up… I’m quite excited for summer to be over. I love all the seasons and this summer has been a bit relentlessContinue reading “31/08/22 – Last day of summer”

30/08/22 – Desk shopping!

After a quick post-work workout and dinner it was off to IKEA for me and Nic as I finally begin to bite the bullet on buying a new desk (a standing one!) to make my working from home life a bit nicer. I’ve decided to kit out my office a bit to make it reallyContinue reading “30/08/22 – Desk shopping!”

29/08/22 – Walk home from lunch

We had another very chilled out day tonight. We walked up to Crystal Palace for lunch with a few friends. One of them is moving to Scotland soon! Then we took our time to mosey home through the park, admiring how much it already feels like autumn is on its way. Just looked at thoseContinue reading “29/08/22 – Walk home from lunch”