23/05/21 – Ceremonious beginnings!

The bathroom planning has officially begun with an official trip to B&Q on a Sunday morning (I even had a sausage bap from the van)! My phone’s photo reel will now have many shots of tiles, toilets and taps… it’s the start of something expensive yet beautiful, our first proper remodel of a room! ExcitingContinue reading “23/05/21 – Ceremonious beginnings!”

22/05/21 – Day out in London!

Nic and I went into London today – on the train!! My first time on public transport in over 14 months (since the pandemic started). It was so much fun. We walked 6 miles through London and had dinner at Dishoom. I’ve had such a lush day, I’m so happy doing new and fun thingsContinue reading “22/05/21 – Day out in London!”

21/05/21 – Another begins

I’m onto my third cross stitch! I’m really enjoying using them as a chance to unwind away from any sort of screen. It’s very calming, I’d highly recommend it. You can’t really see what this one is yet, but hopefully it’ll become clearer as I progress. I have a three day weekend starting today andContinue reading “21/05/21 – Another begins”

19/05/21 – Stormy skies

We’ve had some cracking storms these last few days, and generally this spring has been so wet and wild. I’m very excited for summer to eventually kick off so we can enjoy more time outdoors without being battered by the elements. Super enjoyable and productive day at work today. I’m already raring to go tomorrowContinue reading “19/05/21 – Stormy skies”

17/05/21 – Strange weather…

I worked from the conservatory today whilst we had numerous big storms rolling in! Dramatic rain followed by glorious sunshine then back to rumbling of thunder. The weather couldn’t quite make its mind up today, but it did make for an enjoyably atmospheric work environment that’s for sure.