03/09/21 – Tacos and cocktails!

I’m finally feeling well enough to do fun things again! This evening after work Nic and I headed out to Crystal Palace to see where the wind took us. We ended up at a new to us Mexican place! Had some lush cocktails and amazing food. I’m so so pleased to not feel ill anymore,Continue reading “03/09/21 – Tacos and cocktails!”

01/09/21 – Last minute meandering

One last lunchtime walk with mum before I headed back to London this evening! Taking in the lovely petunias along the way, and savoring my last few hours hanging out with mum. But it’s not all doom and gloom as she’s already booked her train to visit next month – woo hoo! And I’m veryContinue reading “01/09/21 – Last minute meandering”

31/08/21 – Buzzing around

Back to work today finally feeling a bit more myself than the last week of ill Steph. Got lots done and then went on a lovely evening walk with mum where I snapped this equally busy bee. Mum then made Christmas dinner!! So I’m just living my best life once again. And I promise toContinue reading “31/08/21 – Buzzing around”

30/08/21 – Lunch out!

Lovely chance to spend some quality time with just my sister and mum today! Sadly I felt a lot more ill suddenly and really felt exhausted, but it was still lovely to have time time alone with them to just natter. After a bit of time to recover and lots of meds later, Helen cameContinue reading “30/08/21 – Lunch out!”

29/08/21 – Childhood bedroom

I’ve had a blast today playing with my niece and nephew. My sister’s not a big fan of photos of them online so you’ll have to make do with me in my childhood bedroom! This room brings backs floods of happy memories growing up. But I do wonder what I was thinking with it beingContinue reading “29/08/21 – Childhood bedroom”

28/08/21 – I made it to Cardiff!

Albeit three days later than planned, I have finally made it back to Cardiff after waking up this morning feeling so much better than the entirety of last week. Luckily the drive was easy breezy and now I get to hang out with my mum, sister and her kids for the long weekend. Lovely stuff!