06/01/22 – Soggy walk to relaxation

I had a lovely massage this evening! It was a bit too late in the day for me to have a massage though I found out as it was exhausting trying to stay away for the whole thing… I think I’ll stick to weekend mornings next time. (What a difficult life I have…) I alsoContinue reading “06/01/22 – Soggy walk to relaxation”

03/01/22 – Booster time!

Better late than never! We didn’t manage to get in before Christmas so we booked appointments for today instead, and that’s it done! In and out in less than 10 mins and we’re all boostered up. We’ve so far managed to have both never had covid, so I’m hoping we manage to keep that streakContinue reading “03/01/22 – Booster time!”

02/01/22 – Can’t get enough!

When I say I’ve played a lot of Stardew Valley over the Christmas holidays, I’m really not lying… But I’m absolutely loving it! I made some great progress on it as we had a really relaxing day in today. Tomorrow will be a bit more productive I hope, but today was a good mellowing outContinue reading “02/01/22 – Can’t get enough!”

31/12/21 – Goodbye 2021!

With all the covid going on, Nic and I decided to stay in this new year’s and just relax together. I went for a run (first one on two months!) and feel wonderful for it, then we watched the fireworks as midnight ticked over from the top floor. A really nice way to see offContinue reading “31/12/21 – Goodbye 2021!”