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14/06/20 – Running and reading — Jun 14, 2020

14/06/20 – Running and reading

It is HOT today in London, well compared to recently. It really threw me out on my morning run. I was aiming to do 9 miles but ended up coming back early and doing 7. I was exhausted by mile 3!

The rest of the day was chilled out with a lot of reading. I’m loving Purple Hibiscus right now. I bought it after listening to the Ted Talk “The danger of a single story” which was spoken by the author. I highly recommend the book and the Ted Talk!

13/06/20 – Saturday cycle — Jun 13, 2020

13/06/20 – Saturday cycle

Nic and I went on a lush 11 mile cycle this morning around our local area, where we discovered “Bovril Castle” according to the blue plaque! We picked up fancy pesto and some local fruit and veg along the way too which was nice. What a quaint Saturday… followed by a cheeky Papa John’s, whoops!

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09/06/20 – Just keep puzzlin’ — Jun 9, 2020

09/06/20 – Just keep puzzlin’

Back to work today! We had a fun, online social quiz about us all in the evening. After that Nic and I carried on with our puzzle progress. Turns out this one isn’t slowing us down as much as we thought. It feels like we’re nearing the end and we’re only day two! I’m really enjoying having Nic along for the ride though on this one.

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