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11/10/20 – New hobbies! — Oct 11, 2020

11/10/20 – New hobbies!

Such a busy day today! We walked to Decathalon and I bought myself rollerblades!! Nic bought a skateboard and we skated the three miles back home together, it was so much fun.

Once we got back I cracked out my sewing machine that I recently retrieved from my mum’s house and made a padded laptop case from scratch. I’m so proud of it, it turned out so well. I’m thoroughly enjoying finding new hobbies that I love, and already excited for tomorrow lunchtime’s skate with Nic!

10/10/20 – Doing it for me! — Oct 10, 2020

10/10/20 – Doing it for me!

I wore lipstick today, a habit I’ve really fallen out of this year. I imagine it’s because I’ve not really gone anywhere special due to covid, so not had a reason to doll up. But then this morning it hit me, I don’t need a reason or a justification. So today I put on my hot pink lippy and headed out for a walk in the rain with Nic, feeling fabulous and doing it all for myself and no one else.

(Bonus: Nic was also a fan, and hyped me up the whole time!)

09/10/20 – Making time for fun —

09/10/20 – Making time for fun

Life is tough right now. It’s a lot tougher for others than for me, I know that’s for sure as I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, but I’m still finding the whole covid situation quite emotionally overwhelming.

To combat this, I’ve recently been taking time to focus on what currently accessible things can put an immediate smile on my face. One of them is the incredible rope swing we discovered a couple weeks ago. We made a special visit to it today at lunchtime for a quick swing before getting back to work! It threw me into a great mood from the moment my feet left the ground.

08/10/20 – Always time to read — Oct 8, 2020

08/10/20 – Always time to read

I got up at 6.45 this morning to chat with my best friend that lives in the Philippines. It was 2pm for her, so worked out perfectly, as she starts work at 3pm. I cannot tell you how lovely it was to spend my early morning catching up with her. After that I had half an hour to kill so got back into bed to read.

I try hard to spend less time on social media and more time reading when I have these pockets of downtime. Something that’s really helped me is downloading the kindle app to my phone. It makes it a lot easier to make that switch from watching copious amounts of TikTok videos I’m possibly guilty of doing…

07/10/20 – Happy hill training — Oct 7, 2020

07/10/20 – Happy hill training

Second run of the week! I’m still on the path of gaining back my love for running and this morning was another bound forward towards that goal.

I went on a 4k run, 1k of which was up a 50 meter climb (10%!). I didn’t care about my time, I just kept ploughing up the hill, listening to my body and my audio book on racism. It was a tough run but I felt like I really achieved something by the end, even though it was possibly my shortest solo run in eight years!

06/10/20 – Happiness is… — Oct 6, 2020

06/10/20 – Happiness is…

An easy evening with Nic, taking turns on Tony Hawks Pro Skater together. Working out how to overcome the difficult challenges whilst hyping each other up along the way.

It’s also about my new dungas that arrived today! There’s nothing better than feeling great in your clothes. That’s why this year I got rid of all my size ten clothes, and it was honestly so freeing. I was fed up of never feeling quite right in my own skin, so I changed the goal posts.

05/10/20 – Running for me — Oct 5, 2020

05/10/20 – Running for me

I’m trying to gain back my love of running. It became such a slog recently. Constantly worrying and bullying myself about my pacing and not being good enough.

Well, it’s time to stop that and win back my joy for the sport. This morning I ran 7km with only once looking at my phone! I listening to my audio book and also my body so I knew when I slow down or push a bit harder. It ended up being a really enjoyable run. I’m taking back the joy of the things I love by stopping comparing myself to others all the time.

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