19/11/21 – The C Word

Completely cleaning and sorting our drinks area has made me very excited for Christmas. It’s going to come around so fast as I’m off to Florida in a couple weeks and then when I’m back it’s onto two weeks until Christmas! I’m starting to think about doing all my shopping which I’ve hardly started yet…Continue reading “19/11/21 – The C Word”

16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas

I finally left the house! After three days inside sorting the house out and cleaning I finally left to go get dinner with Corinne this evening. We ate lots of fun and interesting food, and I even had a lovely glass of vermouth at the end. But most importantly I had a wonderful catch upContinue reading “16/11/21 – Corinne and tapas”

14/11/21 – Kindness of neighbors

I’m slowly winning against the house. Today I managed to finish the bedroom, the bathroom, the study, a massive chunk of the spare bedroom and a little bit of the kitchen done. The flowers on the table were brought round by our wonderful neighbors. She saw I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday so dropped themContinue reading “14/11/21 – Kindness of neighbors”