05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out

We’ve got more work going on in the house so Nic and I scarpered to Boxpark for lunch today. We got a lovely vegan “chicken” burger after originally being given an actual chicken one (eep!) by mistake. We even got a cheeky pint in with the pre-football crowd. It was a five mile walk in the end and a bloody lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon I must say.

2 thoughts on “05/02/22 – Boxpark lunch out

    1. Yeah! It was slightly nerve-wracking for me, but we wore masks walking about and then sat down to take them off and eat. The UK has a really high vaccine uptake, so right now nearly all restrictions have been taken away as even though numbers are high, our hospital and death numbers are staying lower than flu average. Defo won’t make a habit of doing stuff like this, but it was fun for a couple hours!

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