08/01/21 – Cosy study

Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Sad times… But this year was the most we’ve ever made out of a tree due to being in London for Christmas! We definitely got our money’s worth.

As I’m still slightly refusing to let go of Christmas I’ve kept my little fairy lights up on my snake plant! Alongside the candle it’s making my study feel very cosy throughout these very chilly days we’ve been having recently in London.

2 thoughts on “08/01/21 – Cosy study

  1. This looks pretty, and I also like leaving one or two less christmasy decorations up after Christmas, just because otherwise in January and Feb it can be pretty grim.

    1. Thanks! I put them up to make me feel Christmassy whilst having to work from home, and now I can’t quite bare to get rid of them! I think that’s a good idea too 🙂

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