02/01/21 – Day out!

We went to Greenwich today for a walk in the sunshine. It was unfortunately quite busy (should have seen that coming) so we wore our masks the whole time just to be on the safer side.

It was a lovely chance to get out the house and see the Thames for the first time in about 4 months, which is such a crazy thing to think about! I need to get out on my bike more in the early mornings when it’s not busy. We won’t be going back for a while as there are much quieter places we could go, but it was so nice to go somewhere familiar that wasn’t just a park, just look at that view!

2 thoughts on “02/01/21 – Day out!

  1. Thanks Victoria. It truly is. It was funny going somewhere that used to be such a normal day out and now feels like such a huge treat! I’m very ready for the vaccine to make all this a lot more normal again…

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