30/11/20 – Reading is wonderful

I’ve finished Harry Potter! I’m now spending the remainder of 2020 finishing off some of my heavier non-fiction books, then it’ll be a smattering of Christmas fictions to see me through to the new year.

Reading is something that brings me so much joy. The sharing of ideas, stories and inspirations is a wonderful thing that I’m so lucky I have access to. I’ve now read 46 books so far this year, it’s is a new record for me and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon!

3 thoughts on “30/11/20 – Reading is wonderful

  1. I just grabbed a bunch of books from the “classic” section of the bookstore. Hopefully, I will get back to reading after a lackluster summer.

    1. Sometimes I read really “easy” books to get me into it. And I’m getting better at dropping a book and picking it up at a later date if it’s causing me to stop reading.

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