25/08/20 – Soggy swimming

Quite tired today after another run, swim, run morning. Think I might be tuckering myself out so I’m in bed early tonight. Still, it was another successful pre work workout!

4 thoughts on “25/08/20 – Soggy swimming

  1. I’ve been following your blog a little while now. Thanks for the posts. Where do you find the time & the motivation to be so active? Think motivation is evading me at the moment.

    1. Ryan! That’s so lovely of you, thanks for following. I kind of forget anyone actually reads my blog as it’s just such a habit now after five years of daily posting haha.

      I’m working from home entirely at the moment, so it makes morning running a bit easier as I can get up at 7.50am and still fit a cheeky 5k in! At the moment I’m booking myself into lidos, it holds me accountable as I’ve already paid, so it’d be a waste not to go (in my head). I’ve been struggling a bit with just my local loops for running, so running to the lido gives it a bit more purpose for me. I run a lot listening to audio books, so I look forward to getting out so I can find out what happens next, I also run to certain BMP music, and enjoy switching that up (hello Mambo number 5 sprint finish!). And lastly, I’ve also been messaging a friend and agreeing when we’ll both ‘go for a run’ even though she lives a few miles away from me. We text each other before we start, and then chat after about how it went. That often stops me from not bothering when the time comes in the morning, and laying my stuff out in the other room.

      I hope that essay(!) helps 🙂 Thanks again for reading my blog, you’ve made my day!

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, you definitely sound organised.

        I think running 5K would kill me lol. Running is not my thing and I’m ok with that. Try to find time to go for a walk so I’m staying active. Though struggling at the moment.

        I also work from home (most of the time). Which for the most part I enjoy. Working as been taking over a bit. Feel like I’m getting up, working, going to sleep. Then start again. So struggling with motivation at the moment.

      2. I think the best trick out of them all is to find something you enjoy doing so you look forward to it. Nic and I often will walk when we’re going to meet friends, as we love a good walk and a natter, even if it’s a two hour walk. We try to incorporate it into our lifestyles. Like before Corona I would cycle to work and back as my commute 🙂

        I’m feeling the same way about being stuck in all the time. It’s why I like doing something before work, as that way you have started off the day on a high, and can relax straight after work, without the idea of having to go out looming over you. For me at least! Take care, Ryan. It’s a difficult time, make sure to give yourself a break too.

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