13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham

After a well needed lie in this morning (still recovering from Friday nights blow up bed incident) Nic and I headed off to a garden party in Wokingham put on by my colleague Jon and his family.

The party was in celebration of his new house revamp – after months of work they’re now finally finished. Nic and I left with hearts full of envy and heads full of bathroom tiling ideas.. Needless to say we had a great time as well.

We stopped off on the way home to go for a quick walk in the forest as it’s a slight novelty for us city folk (though it was mostly due to me not having a photo yet). Two hours driving after that we were back in Crystal Palace, home sweet home after a very busy weekend.


2 thoughts on “13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham

    1. That’s funny you say that – my boyfriend and I got into a big debate on which photo I should chose for this post and this was my choice! Thank you 🙂

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