Today I went to Port80, a Web Design conference hosted by @port80Events (twitter). It was a wonderful day, being surrounded by like minded web design geeks, and I learnt so much, and met some really lovely people that I had previously chatted to on Twitter! At 3.45 I quickly popped off to grab a few photos of the Olympic Torch as it went past! It was admittedly great fun running ahead of the torch to get some good shots, and I’m happy with them! I’ll put them on my website soon.

3 thoughts on “25/05/2012

  1. Hi Steph,
    I’m really glad you enjoyed the day – it was a lot of hard work to organise and to put it on but, if you enjoyed it, then job done!


    1. I really did enjoy myself! Took a lot of notes and haven’t stopped talking about it. Met some really lovely people. so really job well done! Thank you for a lovely day!

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