As you might have noticed, I haven’t updated this blog since the end of October. There’s a number of reasons for this, mainly it was the anniversary of a close family death, and I took this time of the year hard. But I still carried on taking photos on my phone as the days went on until December, and it became a busy time for work, along with getting a new job. Finally in January, to top it all off, my phone died, and I lost all of my pictures…

With all these reasons, I think I’m going to have to draw a close to this blog for now. I really want to complete a full year, and I genuinely enjoyed doing it, and the positive feedback I received was amazing. It really made it all worth while. And made such a tough year, far more pleasant, and for that I thank you!

You guys are awesome, and I’m still updating my main blog, so check that out for further updates!

Or my new website!

Much love,
Steph x

(P.S For good measure, and to prove I’m doing ok, here’s a smiley picture of me from last week!)